What is GLL Snowstorm?
GLL Snowstorm is a limited time event on GLL, where PUBG players can compete for real money in every match they play.

Will it be on Vikendi?
Unfortunately not as Vikendi is not yet available in custom matches as announced by PUBG corp.

How do I play GLL Snowstorm?

  • Sign up (or sign in if you already have an account) on
  • Click the yellow PLAY button in the top of the right section on the site once logged in
  • Click on the Snowstrom event
  • Choose solo or duo depending on what you want to play
  • Join the queue
  • Wait until enough players have joined the party.
  • Use the provided server name and password to join the match in the PUBG client.

What game modes can I play?
You will be able to play in solo, duo & squad matches. You can choose if you want to create a premade party with friends to play duo & squad or queue solo in duo & squad and get teamed up with other players.

How do I win money?
By winning a match, or placing in the top #2-4 depending on which game mode you play and if you are a premium member or not. You win money for first place in all game modes regardless if you are a premium member or not.

Here is what the prize distribution for each match per player

GLL Free:

  • Solo
    1st place: $5
    2nd place:$2.5
  • Duo:
    1st place: $2.5
  • Squad:
    1st place: $2.5

GLL Premium members:

  • Solo:
    1st place: $10 (5$ + $5 premium bonus)
    2nd place: $5 ($2.5 + $2.5 premium bonus)
    3rd place: $3
    4th place: $2
  • Duo:
    1st place: $5 (2,5$ + $2,5 premium bonus)
    2nd place: $3
    3rd place: $2
  • Squad:
    1st place: $5  (2,5$ + $2,5 premium bonus)
    2nd place: $1

Can I win money in every match?
Yes! You win money for first place in all game modes.

When will I receive my winnings?
Your winnings will be added to your wallet on within a few weeks after snowstorm has concluded.

Is GLL Snowstorm free to enter?
Yes, Snowstorm is free to enter, as long as you have the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGRUONDS

When does GLL Snowstorm end?
Snowstorm ends on January 7th, at 16:00 CET