Rules, Format and Information

When participating in the scrims you are expected to play all the games scheduled. Never check in unless you can commit to the full set of games. Not showing up or leaving before all the games are finished will be treated as a violation and punished accordingly with warnings, temporary ban for X amount of days and eventually permanent, depending on the extent. If you and your team have a legitimate reason to leave, inform the respective admin to avoid such a punishment right away.

In order to play, every team needs to check in after registration when check-in opens to confirm their participation.

Even though our main goal is to accommodate everyone, being checked in does not guarantee you a spot in the scrims. However, those who miss out on a scrim will get a higher priority the following day.

The Apex Legends Open is a PC only tournament.

– Each team must consist of at least 3 players.
– Each roster will be allowed to have 3 main players and 1 substitute.
– Playing solo is never allowed and playing as 2 is only allowed in special cases, consult with your admin if you are forced to do so for any number of games.
– Sign up ONLY if you know you will be able to play as a full team.
– If your team changes the name and you have at least two (2) members from previous roster, seeding points will stay.
– If a new team is created with players that have seeding points from other teams, an average will be calculated and a small reduction applied.
– A player is not allowed to represent more than one (1) team at the same time. You are allowed to sub in for another team, but not allowed to jump from team to team on a daily basis. This will be case-by-case evaluated.
– Remember that the scrims are for teams, not for players. You participate as a team.

– All team members must be 16 years of age or older.

Before starting the scrims, check the #apex-information channel on which server the game will be created and use this data center before joining the lobby. The first lobby will be created on the appointed time and teams will have 5 mins to join. The following matches will be created as soon as the previous ends. If any teams are missing in the first lobby, we will wait an additional few mins. Teams that are still missing will be counted as a “no-show”. No-show teams will be replaced with teams from the waiting list. Once you are put into one group, you are not going to be moved between groups

The default amount of games differs from different Slots, either it’s eight (8) or six (6) with a possibility to extend that to up to ten (10) or eight (8) games. If there are less than sixteen (16) teams staying after the last of the default amount of games, scrims will end. The server will restart at least each second game or whenever teams request to do so to ensure no lags.

Leaving scrims early will lead to punishments. If you have any issues in committing fully to a full scrim, message an admin or write in the #apex-support channel to avoid a penalty. Never check in if you do not know if you will be here and do not leave lobbies without playing the default amount of games. If a team leaves early, they will be counted for all games played in the group, with no points for the matches they’re absent unless they are being replaced.

Not showing up or leaving before all the games are finished will be treated as a violation and punished accordingly with warnings, temporary ban for X amount of days and eventually permanent, depending on the extent.

The game code provided for each scrim is intended only for that specific scrim. It is forbidden to share this code and it is forbidden to try to use a previous code at any time. Only use a code assigned to the scrim that you’re playing. Any violation of this will lead to warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans.


Check-in starts 50 minutes ahead of match start time and is open for 30 minutes. It may be extended if there are troubles in finding enough teams to start the scrims, make sure to be on the discord to be up to date for everything related to check-in times for your specific scrim.

We are currently hosting scrims on four (4) different time slots, on four (4) different locations. See below an updated list on when scrims are hosted and what server is prioritized for it. Your team is allowed to play in as many slots as you’d like.

Slot 1 (Singapore)
Check-in Opens: 19:10 SGT (GMT+8)
Check-in Closes 19:40 SGT (GMT+8)
Start: 20:00 SGT (GMT+8)
Preferred server: Singapore

Slot 2 (Tokyo)
Check-in Opens: 19:10 JST (GMT+9)
Check-in Closes 19:40 JST (GMT+9)
Start: 20:00 JST (GMT+9)
Preferred server: Tokyo

Slot 3 (Frankfurt)
Check-in Opens 17:10 CET (GMT+1)
Check-in Closes 17:40 CET (GMT+1)
Match Start: 18:00 CET (GMT+1)
Preferred server: Frankfurt

Slot 4 (Iowa)
Check-in Opens: 17:10 ET (GMT-4)
Check-in Closes 17:40 ET (GMT-4)
Match Start: 18:00 ET (GMT-4)
Preferred server: Iowa

After registration, before the scrims start, every team will need to check-in. Check-in will be open 50 mins before the start of the scrims and will stay open for 30 mins. After the check-in has closed, the teams will be seeded. If you want to check-in after the time limit, you can message one of the admins and depending on the teams checked in, you might get a spot or be put on the waiting list. A late check-in will not put you above the teams which already checked in. If you checked in but was not selected for any group, you will be put on the waiting list. If you’re put on the waiting list but don’t get a chance to play at all, you will be prioritized for the following day.

All communication with the players is handled on the official GLL Apex Legends Discord. Grab the Apex role in the #welcome-channel in order to see the apex channels. Important information will always be in the #apex-information channel and if you need any support, #apex-support is the channel you’re looking for.

Any questions regarding upcoming and ongoing matches can be directed to the admin team. Feedback, suggestions, and questions about the tournament and the scrims in general can be sent to vuggo#0179 on discord or to viktor.jendeby@gloot.com.


Depending on the scrim slot and group tier you may or may not be allowed to stream. Make sure you are up to date with your admin if you are unsure. If you are streaming, it is important that you keep at least a five (5) minute delay and that the lobby code is protected and never shared on your stream.

It is currently not allowed to stream in the Slot 3 Tier 1 Group.


– All players are allowed to have only one (1) account at play.gll.gg per person. All information registered on your account needs to be up-to-date and to have the correct information.
– You are not allowed to share or use another person’s GLL account. Your account is for your use and your use alone.
– If you face any issues with your account, contact support through here.
– Ignoring any rules mentioned above will lead to suspension of your account(s).

Bugs and issues
All problems and bugs you encounter on any of the GLL web pages currently in use should be reported as soon as possible to a Community Mod or in the #bugs-channel on the GLL Discord. This will allow us the best chance to assist you as a player with the issue you have encountered.


Game accounts
– A player is allowed to have only one (1) APEX Legends account active on their GLL account. 
– You are not allowed to share or use another person’s game account. Your account is for your use, and your use alone.
– Usage of an alt or smurf account is forbidden. If a player is found out to be using any of such, his team will be punished in any way the admin team sees fit. This may include temporary or permanent bans.


It is forbidden to cheat, modify the game files, exploit bugs, and/or use any third-party application which would give an unfair advantage against other users.

All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance while playing in any event at GLL. Using any cheat will result in bans and disqualifications. This includes, but are not limited to:
– Radar hacks
– Wallhacks
– Speedhacks
– Aimhacks
– Hitbox manipulation
– Teleportation
– The usage of a bug/bugs to gain an advantage versus your opponents
– Game file editing – (if not specified in “Game settings”)
– All 3rd party software or tools that are not allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team is classed as cheating and is not allowed. Examples of software that are not allowed are ReShade, SweetFX, and VibranceGUI.

Anything that can be viewed as a bug or exploit will be reviewed by the admin team and judged on a case-by-case basis, examples of such can be:
– To sit outside the map in dead zones, without a timer on it.
– Usage of double Ziplines.
– Reset the timer by being out of the map.

If a team uses a player that has an active ban by GLL or APEX Legends, the team will be disqualified from the Apex Legends Open.

Players with APEX Legends bans on any accounts within two (2) years are not eligible to compete in any of the tournaments hosted by GLL.

GLL reserves the right to monitor any player, for any reason, during the tournament.

Players, coaches as well as hosts and staff from GLL are prohibited from gambling or betting on any matches in any GLL tournament.

All sorts of match-fixing and/or teaming are strictly forbidden and will be punished. This may include temporary or permanent bans.  


Rule violations

Rule violation Punishment Time duration
Using a player, not in the roster Disqualification  
Playing with the wrong game account No points from the games the player has been playing in.  
Usage of a glitch/bug Case-by-case  
Stream Sniping Case-by-case  
Inappropriate/disruptive behavior Case-by-case  
Multi-Account usage Case-by-case  
Match-fixing/teaming Ban from GLL, G-Loot, and disqualification 1 year
Account sharing Ban from GLL, G-Loot, and disqualification 1 year
Knowingly playing with someone who is account sharing Ban from GLL, G-Loot, and disqualification 6 months
Cheating Ban from GLL, G-Loot, and disqualification 2 years
Knowingly playing with a cheater Ban from GLL, G-Loot, and disqualification 6 months

You can appeal the decision regarding your ban that you have received within seven (7) days from the moment the decision was taken. The appeal needs to be in a written mail and sent to admin@gll.gg.


– Show respect to everyone involved in the tournament. This includes, but is not limited to players and staff.
– Treat everyone the same way as you would like to be treated yourself.
– Always show integrity while playing in every tournament, be honest and play fair.
– Do not use any discriminatory language, including but not limited to any language regarding ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or personal beliefs.
– Do not use any extreme foul language, including but not limited to excessive profanity or language that is graphically sexual, grotesque, or violent.
– Do not make threats of real-world violence or other intended harm to anyone involved in the tournament.
– Do not harass, stalk, or purposely do things to make someone else feel uncomfortable or threatened.
– Do not share personal information about yourself or other individuals.
– Do not engage in, request, arrange, or offer illegal activities or materials.
– Do not impersonate other individuals.
– Do not spam, be it in text or VOIP.
– Do not share your account, your account is for your use and your use alone. Do not grant access to your account to anyone else, and do not access anyone else’s account, even with their permission.

GLL reserves the right to, in specials cases, override and/or remove, and/or add any rule stated above to guarantee fair play. 


Point distribution
1st: 12p
2nd: 9p
3rd: 7p
4th: 5p
5th: 4p
6-7th: 3p
8-10th: 2p
11-15th: 1p
16-20th: 0p

1 point per kill.

1. Most total wins
2. Most total kills
3. Most total damage


Each group has its own tier. When there’s more than one group, each group will be appointed a tier, following Group 1 = Tier 1, Group 2 = Tier 2 and forward. If there is only one group for that slot, it will be ranked as a tier 2. This is to not have better teams overrule the lobby. The formula for calculating the seeding points each week is: 
This means that the points acquired in a tier 1 group are worth double the amount of those in a tier 2 lobby, triple the amount of those in a tier 3 lobby and so forth.

Each week there is a soft reset, which will take one third (1/3) of your games from the previous week as a base and reduce points slightly. Points from previous weeks are weighed in too, but its significance is reduced each week so that your most recent results are the most important. The base will not be lower than six (6) games. The more points you have at the end of the week, the less you will lose at the start of the next one. Points lost will follow the list below.

Points Reduction
Higher than 12 0.3
7-12 0.5
1.5-7 0.7
Below 1.5 All points

With this system, if you do not play for a long time, you will slowly lose your points.

When creating groups, the first group will be filled first with the twenty (20) highest seeded, checked in teams. Moving on to group 2 and further down, depending on the number of teams that have signed up. Once you are put into one lobby, you are not going to be moved between groups during that day.

Teams that have checked in for a specific day but were deprioritized will have a higher chance of getting to play the following day.

How you perform in official Apex Legends tournaments boosts your points significantly.
Pts – Amount of points in a tournament in your last group
Games – Amount of Games played in a tournament in your last group
Registrations – Amount of registered teams in the tournament
Position – Your position in the tournament
Tier – Final is tiered 1, Semi-finals – 2, and so on
Money – prize amount rewarded for your accomplishment in tournament
ALGS – ALGS points received

Sometimes, there might be a hard reset of the table, where everyone will start again from 0 seeding points. Previous results will be taken into account as well as whether or not teams have qualified for an upcoming official Apex Legends Event (Major and/or Premier). This is to ensure that the lobbies are as competitive as possible.

For full transparency on the seeding points and system, the full list of competing teams and their standings are shared in the link below. Apex Legends Scrims Seeding Sheet