Was Week 4 the week that FaZe Clan take back their crown as the #1 EU team?

FaZe Clan are back

After a rocky start to GLL Season 3, FaZe Clan takes over Week 4 and remind us all why they are one of the top teams in the European region. Finishing 1st place overall this week with 29 kills and 1484 points total they are 192 points ahead of 2nd place team o1ne. Could this be the start of their comeback?

In third place we find Ninjas In Pyjamas with 1234 points who have overcome their rivalry with Team Liquid last week to also take 1st place on the overall Leaderboard for Season 3.

NiP vard holds his ground

vard from Ninjas in Pyjamas finds himself in a sticky situation when he is left the only man alive from his team being breached by an aggressive push from o1ne where he takes two members down clutching a 4th place finish in Game 2.

In the bottom portion of the EU Alpha Division, G2 Esports resides after failing to place higher than 7th in all four games, joining them is Season 2 Finalists Penta Sports, Yikes and HAVU Gaming who will all move down to Bravo Division for Week 5 but have a chance to get their spot back in Alpha.

In the top portion of the Bravo Division, a lot of familiar names are finding their way back up to the top EU Division, Alpha. Purple Cobras lead the charge with a total of 804 points and 28 kills, despite Method amassing a total of 35 kills they end the week in 2nd place. Joining them in Alpha is Team Vitality and Moonwolf, both teams that played in the Season 2 Grand Finals.

On the 17th of October we are back with the fifth week of the GLL Season 3 starting at 17:00 CEST for CIS followed by Europe at 20:30, and lastly we end it with Americas at 01:00 CEST.

To view the recap of week four in CIS & Turkey you can find it here.