It got a little too close for comfort on the Leaderboard in Week 4 for the Americas

It’s a tight squeeze at the top of the Leaderboard

Team Dignitas lead the charge taking 1st place on the Week 4 Leaderboard with a whopping 36 kills, giving them 1376 points which is 198 points above 2nd place team Team Ready. With lacklustre placements in both Erangel games, Dignitas relied on a Chicken Dinner in Game 3 and 3rd place in Game 4 on Miramar to boost them up the ladder along with the kills the accumulated along the way.

In joint 3rd place is eUnited and Wildcard Gaming who are both just 2 points behind 2nd place team Team Ready with 21 kills and 1176 points overall. Both teams went up and down the Leaderboard but somehow managed to pull off identical scores.

eU_Vegas shows off his throwing arm

Vegas doesn’t just throw one but two perfectly guided grenades at Iroh and Mertgungor from Team Ready who are laying low inside a shack, leaving them with no opportunities to react.

In the lower portion of the Americas Alpha Division, we find the Week 3 chart-toppers Tempo Storm who following a series of unfortunate events placed 16th place, which means they will be moving to Bravo Division for Week 5. Joining Temp Storm is Motiv8, Season 1 and 2 Finalists Ghost Gaming and Team Kru Esports who will all have their chance at getting back into Alpha next week.

What a show from Bravo Division as FlyQuest Sports and Spacestation Gaming go back and forth to claim the 1st place position on the leaderboard with 8 kills separating the two and just 91 points. FlyQuest finishes up the Week in 1st place with 30 kills and 820 points while Spacestation Gaming claim 2nd place with 38 kills and 729 points, behind them is Transcend and Turtle Squad who will all be moving to the top tier Americas Division, Alpha for Week 5.

On the 17th October we are back with the fifth week of the GLL Season 3 starting at 11am EDT for CIS followed by Europe at 2:30pm EDT, lastly ending with Americas at 7pm EDT.

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