Week 3 Team Spotlight – Quantum Bellator Fire

Quantum Bellator Fire – so close, yet so far away. 

Despite not winning a single game in Week 3 of GLL Season 3, Quantum Bellator Fire had extremely consistent placements of 2nd place in every game except game 3 where they unfortunately finished at 14th place. Earning themselves 1474 points with 29 total kills they finish Week 3 at 3rd place overall which puts them at 2nd place on the total Season 3 Leaderboards in the CIS & Turkey region.


Game 1 in Week 3 was a close one where grenade timing was  crucial to tasting the Chicken Dinner, regardless P1NN kept his cool and played out the end game extremely well. Taking down one member of Free Agents and almost taking another with him.

Can Quantum Bellator Fire figure out what is holding them back and surge to the top of Leaderboard in Week 4? Make sure to tune in on Wednesday 3rd October @ 17:00 CEST / 18:00 MSK on twitch.tv/GLL to catch them in action!