Free Agents start off strong with a win in Game 1 but Random Friends fight back in Game 2 and 3

With Game 1 in the bag with 9 kills and a total of 544 points, all Free Agents had to do was keep up with consistent placements, which they did finishing 1st, 4th, 3rd and 1st.

Random Friends went all out trying to bring the Leaderboard back in their favour with back to back wins in Games 3 and 4. Their performance was nothing short of impressive but it just wasn’t enough and they finish at 2nd place overall on the Week 3 Leaderboard in Alpha Division with 33 kills and 1758 points which is just 4 less than Free Agents whopping 37 kills and 1852 points. Behind Random Friends, we have Quantum Bellator Fire in 3rd and Tornado Energy Storm in 4th.

Yungsannie127 channels his inner Kobe

In Game 4 Yungsannie127 from KIT-KAT puts all his energy into the most perfect nade on Zmokie44 from WINside to get himself out of what was an elaborate game of cat and mouse.

In the bottom portion of the Alpha Division in the CIS & Turkey region, we have we have KIT-KAT who after a series of unfortunate placements will be moving down to Bravo for Week 4, joining them we have Swift, Huge Potential and Ex.5Frags. All four of these teams will have a shot to get back into Alpha next week.
In the Bravo Division, Styx Gaming is leading the charge back into Alpha with 731 points and 37 kills! Behind them, we have the Season 2 Grand Champions M19, Forze and Season 1 Grand Champions Na’Vi who have all secured themselves a spot in the top CIS & Turkey Division, Alpha for Week 4.
Next week we are back with the fourth week of GLL Season 3 starting at 18:00 MSK for CIS & Turkey followed by Europe at 21:30 MSK, lastly ending with Americas at 02:00 MSK.