What happens when a tornado meets a volcano? NiP and Team Liquid are two deadly forces in a battle of who gets to be Number 1

After an impressive Game 1 from Ninjas in Pyjamas where they placed 1st on the Leaderboard with 15 kills even though they didn’t get to taste the Chicken Dinner they sat above Game 1 winners Team 3DMax with a 72 point lead. The Ninjas lost their footing in Game 2 allowed Team Liquid to swoop in and take their spot at the top of the Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard became a battle between two unstoppable forces, Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas where they went back and forth taking the crown from each other, after Game 4 which was won by HAVU Gaming, Team Liquid are the 1st place team in Week 3 of GLL Season 3 in the European region with a total of 1406 points and 31 kills just three kills short of 2nd place team Ninjas in Pyjamas who finished with 1294 points. Diamond Dogs took 3rd place and G2 Esports took 4th in the Alpha Division.

MiracU solo wipes FaZe Clan in a true display of skill

In Game 3 we see Ninja’s in Pyjamas MiracU take on all four FaZe Clan members with a full out aggressive play.

In the lower portion of the Alpha Division we find the Season 2 Grand Finals 2nd place team Knights who found themselves stuck in a rut of unfortunate placements, this means they will be moving down to Bravo Division for Week 4. Joining Knights we have Team Vitality, Back From Zharki and The Reckoning, all four of these teams will have a shot at getting back into Alpha next week.

In the Bravo Division, Elgiganten Gaming find themselves moving up to Alpha Division again with a stellar performance where they win not 1 but 2 games with a total of 28 kills. Joining them in the Alpha Division for Week 4 we have Izako Boars, Yikes and Penta Sports!

Next week we are back with the fourth week of the GLL Season 3 starting at 17:00 CEST for CIS followed by Europe at 20:30, and lastly we end it with Americas at 01:00 CEST.

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