You can’t slow the Tempo on this Storm

Topping the Americas Leaderboard this week is Tempo Storm who have amassed a 126 point lead over 2nd place team Wildcard Gaming even with Wildcard’s whopping 35 kills compared to Tempo Storm’s 26, this goes to show that consistent placement is vital to success.

The top 4 teams in the Americas are familiar names except for Tempo Storm with 1516 points we have Season 2 Grand Finalists teams WildCard Gaming with 1390 points, SetToDestroyX with 1282 points and Ghost Gaming with 1158 points in the Alpha Division.

TonyV from Trifecta clutches it

With the bluezone closing it, it’s fight or flight for TonyV who chooses to fight finishing the wipe on Cloud9 and continuing the game for Trifecta.

In the lower section of the Alpha Division in Americas we find Hooligans who just didn’t have any luck on their side when it came to placements and will move into the Bravo Division for Week 4. Joining Hooligans we have Cloud9, Transcend and Black Dragons E-Sports who will have a shot at getting back into Alpha next week.In Bravo Division Team Ready are making it known that they are ready to return to Alpha Division with 26 kills, 833 points and not a single placement lower than 3rd! Team Gates, Nova and Motiv8 will join them in moving up to the top Division in Americas, Alpha.


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