Welcome to South George give up their lovely beaches and nice bridge for shurikens

Last week they were WTSG (Welcome to South George), this week they return as NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) who managed to top the kill charts in Week 2 of the European region with 37 kills between them. Their Game 1 victory featured a bloodthirsty Gaxy putting down any enemy he laid his eyes on.


Unfortunately, their performance slipped through the next three games with placements of 13th, 4th & 9th, even with that set back they snagged themselves 2nd place overall on the Week 2 leaderboard. 

Moving into Week 3 Ninjas in Pyjamas are definitely a team to keep your eyes on so be sure to tune in on Wednesday the 26th September @ 20:30 over at twitch.tv/GLL to catch them in action!