With just two weeks left of the season, the Americas leaderboard is a Stacked Deck

Slow and steady wins the race

Despite not winning a single week, Wildcard Gaming is 1st place on the overall leaderboard after four weeks in the Americas region. With placements of 7th in week 1 and 2,  then 2nd in week 3 and 3rd in week 4, Wildcard Gaming is the perfect example of slow and steady wins the race.

Dominant force OpTic Gaming sits in 2nd place overall after four weeks even though they spent week 1 in 1st place and week 2 in 2nd, moving into week 3 things went downhill and they placed 7th and even worse in week 4 where they placed a mere 10th.

The bigger the backpack, the more team members that fit

Valliate from OpTic Gaming puts on his cape and mask to make a superhero play, taking out all of Envy single-handedly and grabbed 2nd place for his team in Week 1 Game 4.

Ghost Gaming’s Miccoy uses his brain on this one with a risky flank in Week 3 Game 2.

With his team dropping like flies as Cloud9 emerge from the bluezone, TonyV from Trifecta steps up to the plate and punishes them in Week 3 Game 4.

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We’ll be back next week on Wednesday 17th October we are back with the fifth week of GLL Season 3 starting at 11am EDT for CIS followed by Europe at 2:30pm EDT, lastly ending with Americas at 7pm EDT.

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