Moving into Week 2 of GLL Season 3 here are some teams to watch out for!

Week 1 was full of action, taking place in the midst of “Roster Royale” we saw a lot of changes to many fan favourite teams and a lot of unexpected results. Week 2 begins today and here are the first place seeds in each region, these are definitely teams to keep an eye on tonight.

Random Friends show us exactly what the CIS & Turkey region is made off with an outstanding performance

Random Friends are the random friends we all wish we had to play with when it comes to PUBG with only one unfortunate placement of 14th in game one of four, where they place within the top 4 in the remaining three games. During Game three Taras “Snoopykx” Bezyazychniy secured the Chicken Dinner with a stellar performance.


Click here for the full CIS & Turkey leaderboards

The Reckoning is definitely a force to be Reckoned with after Week 1

It’s no surprise that Scoom’s new line-up is performing but did anyone really expect them to be at the top of the Leaderboard? They are leading the way for the European scene; with not a single placement lower than top 5, they are sitting in 1st place with an 18 point lead over the 2nd place team “o1ne” who are 346 points above 3rd place team, Team Liquid.


Click here for the full Europe Leaderboards

OpTic Gaming is the front-runner for the Americas region after a strong showing 

After a strong start in Game 1 after a 2nd place finish with 9 kills total, they began to fall off placing 6th in the 2nd game and 10th in the 3rd. They made sure to come back in game four when Keane “Valliate” Alonso clutched a 1v3 against Envy, securing 2nd place and giving them a total of 15 kills.


Click here for the full Americas leaderboard

After the action in Week 1 you definitely do not want to miss Week 2, so be sure to tune into tonight (19th September) at–

  • CIS & Turkey – 17:00 – 20:30 CEST / 18:00 – 21:30 MSK / 11am – 2:30 pm EDT
  • Europe – 20:30 – 00:00 CEST / 21:30 – 01:00 MSK / 2:30pm – 6pm EDT
  • Americas – 01:00 – 04:30 CEST / 02:00 – 05:30 MSK / 7pm – 10:30pm EDT

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