Tune in to Week 2 of the GLL PUBG Nations Royale!

The GLL PUBG Nations Royale continues with it’s second week and round! Last week we’ve had our first nations eliminated in the EMEA Region, as well as some convincing clean sweeps in the Americas and Asia region, and this week we’ll see who makes it to the finals!

GLL Broadcasts:

Watch it live on: twitch.tv/GLLPUBG
Or from the perspective of the Generals (links at the bottom of the article)!

Community Casts:

EMEA – Tuesday May 26th (18:00 CEST)

LATAM – Saturday May 30th (19:00 BRT) & Sunday May 31st (19:00 BRT)

Recap & Brackets

In the EMEA Region we see a lot of the usual suspects still in the Winners Bracket in the form of Turkey, Russia and Czechia – but also some perhaps surprising results with the prior finalist Greece, falling in Winners Round 2 against Kazakhstan. Meanwhile in the Losers Bracket we still have two of the new additions to this Nations Royale, Lebanon & Tunisia still in it – where Lebanon is set to meet the legendary Greek squad of Chinnj!

EMEA Region Winners Bracket

EMEA Region Losers Bracket

For the LATAM Region Both Argentina and Brazil moved on to the Winners Finals, with Peru, Mexico, Chile and Paraguay fighting to stay alive in the losers bracket. Originally the winning LATAM team would go up against the winner of USA vs Canada, but unfortunately due to scheduling difficulties that won’t be possible. So for this Nations Royale, the LATAM team that wins in the LATAM Finals will become the champion of the Americas Region!

LATAM & Americas Region Bracket

Finally for the Asia Region this Sunday we’ll see which one of Indonesia and Philippines will go up against the strong troops of Thailand! Thailand looked near unbeatable in their first two matches, so the nation who goes up against them has a mountain to climb!

If you rather watch the stream of a General you can find the nation and their stream here below!

EMEA Region

Americas Region

Asia Region