Time for Wingman Series IV Sanhok

Finally Sanhok is released on the live server and with that we can now announce more information regarding Wingman Series IV Sanhok – a Mini Royale for duos!

This time the duos from each region will duke out for $10,000 per each regional finals, in total Wingman Sanhok will all be played over the course of five days.

We are also expanding the tournament this time with having two regional finals, one for Americas, and one for Europe+CIS. This means that we will have twice as many games broadcasted on the 14th of July were it all will be concluded.

Format & Qualifiers
Just like the previous edition of Wingman Series it will be played in FPP mode with regional qualifiers. This means that South America, North America, CIS and Europe will have their own qualifiers taking place during the span of four days. A total of 32 duos will play in the finals per region with eight of those being invited duos. More info on the invited duos will follow in the upcoming weeks leading up to the final.

In each region we will there will be different amount of spots depending on what region you are from. In the Americas final 14 of the final duos will qualify from North America while 10 will qualify from South America. Same goes for Europe and CIS were 14 of the duos will qualify from Europe while the remaining 10 will qualify from the CIS & Turkey qualifiers.

Here you can sign up for you regional qualifier!

The tournament will be played between the 10th and 14th of July with four regional qualifiers taking place during those days. As previously mentioned the two finals will be played on the 14th of July with all matches broadcasted on https://www.twitch.tv/gll. Below you can find the exact date and time for your regional qualifier.

Prize pool distribution
A total of $10,000 per region final will be distributed between the top eight duos with the following spread:

  1. $3000
  2. $2000
  3. $1600
  4. $1200
  5. $800
  6. $600
  7. $400
  8. $400

For more information about the tournament or if you have any questions – please join our Discord so you don’t miss out on any updates.