Another heated exchange between OpTic and Envy unlike Week 1 Valliate isn’t alone this time

Last weeks first place OpTic Gaming step down and sit just 60 points behind Team Dignitas who reign supreme this week. The leaderboard is a close one as 3rd place team DUEL are only 98 points behind Team Dignitas who has 1272 points overall.


OpTic Gaming runs into Envy again this week, this time they brought the whole squad to make light work of the fight and grabbing them the first Chicken Dinner of Week 2 in the Americas.

Black Dragons E-Sports fAiSkA shows positioning is key with a triple kill


Black Dragons E-Sports are in 4th place overall with 1154 points just 22 points behind DUEL after fAiSkA’s triple kill on SetToDestroyX in Game 3, securing them 2nd place and totalling 7 kills on fAiSkA. Definitely, a team to watch coming into Week 3.

In the bottom portion of the Americas Alpha Division Team Kru Esport narrowly avoided sinking to Bravo by just 4 points! Meaning that Team Ready will have to work their way back into the top Americas Division, Alpha along with Hard Shifts Don’t Exist, FlyQuest Sports and Season 2 Finalists Nova.

In the Bravo Division of Americas Cloud9 are sitting on a comfortable 404 point lead in 1st place meaning that they will be moving up to Alpha Division and play on the main channel for Week 3. Joining them we will see an alliteration of T’s with Transcend, Tempo Storm and Trifecta.

Next week we are back with the third week of the GLL Season 3 starting at 11am EDT for CIS followed by Europe at 2:30pm EDT, lastly ending with Americas at 7pm EDT.

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