Stage 2 of Nations Royale Open Preliminaries

Nations Royale Open Preliminaries Stage 2

Congrats to all winners in Stage 1 of the Nations Royale Open Preliminaries!  We will announce all the winners after the conclusion of the Second week of the Open Preliminaries.

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re making some changes for Stage 2. We are upping the stakes, and shift focus from Solos to Duos & Squads.

  • The top 4 players in Squads and the top 2 players in Duo’s from each nation will win $50 each and qualify to represent their nation in the main part of the tournament.*
  • The generals are looking for winners to join their ranks, so the leaderboard in this stage of the preliminaries will be based on the number of wins for this stage of the preliminaries.
  • We will host matches on servers from different regions during different times.
    • EU Servers: 10:00 – 22:00 CET
    • NA/SA Servers: 22:00 – 10:00 CET* (Depending on which region in NA/SA that is a majority)

Stage 2 of the open Preliminaries will start on Wednesday at 16:00 CET, so be on the lookout for the yellow Play button over on!

Stage 2 will be hosted for a week.

Go get those chicken dinners!

*A player can not qualify twice. If a player has already qualified in Solo’s during Stage 1 and qualifies in Stage 2, their qualifier spot from Stage 2 will be given to the closest ranked player on the leaderboard that hasn’t already qualified.

If the same player places top 4 in Squads and top 2 in Duos, their squad placement will count as their qualifying spot. Their duo qualifier spot will be given to the closest ranked player in Duo’s that haven’t qualified.

Full information regarding Nations Royale can be found here below