KIT-KAT start this week off strong with a 1st place finish and 16 kills in the first game

After Game 2 KIT-KAT were sitting comfortably at the top of the leaderboard with a 392 point lead until an unfortunate game 3 happened and they lost their footing causing them to be the first squad eliminated at 16th place. Even so, they retained 1st place overall with 260 points ahead of 2nd place until Game 4.


Random Friends change the pace

Game 4 is where things turned around and Random Friends made sure we were all reminded of their performance from Week 1 and get a taste of the Chicken Dinner pushing them to 1st place overall for Week 2 in the Alpha Division with 23 kills and 1306 points overall. This puts them 118 points ahead of Quantum Bellator Fire who are just 40 points in front of KIT-KAT.

In the bottom portion of the CIS & Turkey Alpha Division we have Vega Squadron who despite a strong showing in Week 1 to get into Alpha finished at 16th place overall pushing them down into Bravo for Week 3 followed by Season 1 Grand Champions Na’vi and Season 2 Grand Champions M19 who will also be joined by Forze meaning they will all have their shot at getting back into Alpha next week.


In Bravo Division we saw Vengeful Vandals prove their worth with total of 25 kills and 790 points securing them a spot in the top CIS & Turkey Division, Alpha. Vaevictis Esports secured 2nd place which means they will be joining Vengeful Vandals in Alpha alongside Swift and Team Spirit.

Next week we are back with the third week of GLL Season 3 starting at 18:00 MSK for CIS & Turkey followed by Europe at 21:30 MSK, lastly ending with Americas at 02:00 MSK.