S3 Grand Finalists – FaZe Clan


Just like the majority of teams, FaZe Clan were caught in the midst of what has been called “Roster Royale” which gave them very little time to settle into their new roster. They only had one week where they had placed within the top 3, a 1st place finish at that. Despite the set backs, they finished the season in 3rd place! At the end of the season, FaZe Clan had a total of 133 kills and it’s Fuzzface who is top fragging with recently acquired teammate Aitzy not that far behind with only a 5 kill difference, Mxey is only 4 kills behind him and recently departed Jembty makes up for the majority of the rest of the kills to their name! Ubah, FaZe’s other new recruit who only got to play the 6th and final week with the team.

FaZe have been dominant for as long as we know, ups and downs here and there but now with the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals right around the corner, will they be able to lift the cup?

Catch them between the 6th – 8th of December as they battle it out for their share of the $100,000 prize pool at the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals on live.gll.gg or if you want to exclusively follow their POV of the event you can watch their team stream over on twitch.tv/GLL_Team6