S3 Grand Finalists – Excelerate Gaming


The Fins are coming to Sweden! And no, it’s not the Dudesons. The team that was formerly known as o1ne now EXCELERATE GAMING wanted to make an expression, and so they did by not dropping out of Alpha at all over the course of the season. Coming in 5th on the overall leaderboard in Europe the newly picked up team will be looking to bring their consistency and fragging power this week in Stockholm!

Wrapping up the season with 110 kills to their name, they’re pretty compact among themselves with Rustanmar claiming 33 kills to his name, just one kill differentiates him from Tryffeli with 32, Miikaz not far behind with 26 and Skuijke with 19. This team is known to not be afraid to take the fight, so make sure to tune in to catch them in action!

With o1ne having found a new home in Excelerate Gaming and being a team to not back down from a fight. Be sure to tune in on December 6th when they take the fight directly to the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals in Stockholm, Sweden.

Catch them between the 6th – 8th of December as they battle it out for their share of the $100,000 prize pool at the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals on live.gll.gg or if you want to exclusively follow their POV of the event you can watch their team stream over on twitch.tv/GLL_Team8