S3 Grand Finalist – Team Ready


This Seasons nailbiters, Team Ready is on the way to participate at the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals here in Stockholm, Sweden. Over in the Americas region, it all came down to the very last game of the season for Team Ready and Ghost Gaming. After a chaotic and suspenseful final game, both teams were tied on the overall leaderboard, Team Ready making it on the tiebreaker with their Placement points which was even higher than the number 1 team WildCard Gaming.

Not only did Team Ready do consistently well on placement, but they also had a total of 102 kills among the 4. Iroh- leading the charge with 37, MERTGUNGOR close with 34, with twice as much as SIX-MO at 17 and ABEAUTIFULDEATH with 14. This team isn’t just capable of fragging, one can expect to see one or more staying alive long enough to collect those placement points as well.

This will be the first time Team Ready will be playing at a GLL event, and what’s better than to attend the very last one of 2018, here in Stockholm, Sweden. Make sure to tune on December 6th, support your favourite teams, you won’t regret it!

Catch them between the 6th – 8th of December as they battle it out for their share of the $100,000 prize pool at the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals on live.gll.gg or if you want to exclusively follow their POV of the event you can watch their team stream over on twitch.tv/GLL_Team16