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S3 Grand Finalists – OpTic Gaming

#Greenwall OpTic Gaming was among the first organisations to enter the PUBG scene picking up the roster that called themselves “Why Tempt Fate” and since then the team has managed to keep themselves relevant. They’ve been a driving force in the NA competitive scene, ending Season 3 of GLL in 2nd place and securing themselves […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Avangar

#ALGAAVANGAR What was RandomFriends has now become Avangar, one of the scariest teams in the CIS & Turkey region. With only one week where they underperformed, taking a 16th place loss, their brief time in Bravo was definitely not something they were planning on doing again. They held 1st place on the overall leaderboard in Week […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Dignitas

#SeizeTheNight Dignitas is a team that have shown time and time again that they are a threat to the competition, even with their recent roster change that they made their debut within Week 6 of S3, which brought in two new players “PurdyKuty” & “aLOW” to form an all NA roster, they have still been […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Ninjas In Pyjamas

#GONINJAS They spent week 2, 3 & 6 in 2nd place of the Alpha Division while Week 1 they finished 3rd. Week 4 & 5 proved a tad bit difficult with them ending in 10th and 8th place. With stable placements and high kill games, NiP finished Season 3 in 2nd place overall! It’s Gaxy who […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Knights

#KnightLife Miracles really do exist when it comes to Knights, they managed to qualify for the Grand Finals by the skin of their teeth. In comparison to their previous season, which was the polar opposite to the struggle that was Season 3, the Grand Finals looked like a far-fetched dream.  With 18 kills more than […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – FaZe Clan

#FaZeUp Just like the majority of teams, FaZe Clan were caught in the midst of what has been called “Roster Royale” which gave them very little time to settle into their new roster. They only had one week where they had placed within the top 3, a 1st place finish at that. Despite the set backs, […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Wildcard Gaming

#StackTheDeck Wildcard are standing as one of the strongest teams from the Americas region, seeing them back in Stockholm, Sweden for another GLL Grand Final is no surprise to any of us. They finished top of their region in Season 3 with 134 total kills to their names! Alfred ‘Pride’ Choi was their top fragger […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Team Liquid

#LetsGoLiquid Team Liquid were off to a good start of the season, 4 weeks in and they had not finished a single week below 8th place in the top European division, Alpha. In week 5 we saw Liquid welcome a new addition to the team, Jembty, who happens to be Sambty’s twin brother. After this […]

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Not long to go now! S3 Grand Finals!

The road to the GLL S3 Grand Finals is almost complete! After 6 weeks of intensive battles the top PUBG 16 teams from around the world make their journey to Stockholm, Sweden for the GLL Season 3 $100,000 LAN Grand Finals! The S3 Grand Finals will be packed with awesome competitive PUBG action! There will […]

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Wingman Series V – Duo League!

Get ready for Wingman Series V! All of the qualifiers are almost done and we’re getting ready for the main part of the tournament kicking off next week! Here are the broadcasting times as stated earlier: Week 1: Miramar – 14th of November CIS & Turkey – 19:00 MSK Europe – 19:00 CET South America […]

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