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Sign up for GLL Apex Legends Open

Sign up for GLL Apex Legends Open We at GLL are now opening up for training for all Apex Legends players in all regions! Wanna see how good you are compared to the best of the best? Get ready for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series! This is your chance. Sign up for interest tournament […]

Published 2020-01-22 in Apex Legends News

GLL partners with EA & Apex Legends!

GLL partners with Electronic Arts and Apex Legends We’re thrilled to announce that EA has selected GLL as one of the premier partners for the Apex Legends Global Series. The series will include up to 12 global live events for players on PC, where you’ll be able to compete for a total prize pool of […]

Published 2019-12-17 in Apex Legends News

Competıtıve Rulıng: Allıance Game 11

It has come to our attention that the team Alliance broke a rule during Game 11 of GLL Apex Legends Series Grand Final – EMEA Region. Therefore, the team will not receive any points from the game in question and total leaderboard has been updated accordingly. Rule in Question: “It is not allowed to sit […]

Published 2019-12-16 in Apex Legends News

Wingman IX Pro – Fechas (ES)

Ya anunciamos la lista de jugadores invitados y ahora estamos en la hora de anunciaros las fechas de la Liga Regional! FECHAS DE LA LIGA REGIONAL Día 1 – 28 de Noviembre Día 2 – 1 de Diciembre Día 3 – 5 de Diciembre PREMIOS DE LA LIGA REGIONAL 1o – $3000 2o – $1500 […]

Published 2019-11-21 in PUBG News

Wingman IX Pro – Datas (PT)

Já anunciamos a lista de jogadores convidados e agora está na hora de anunciarmos para vocês as datas da Liga Regional! DATAS DA LIGA REGIONAL Dia 1 – 28 de Novembro Dia 2 – 1 de Dezembro Dia 3 – 5 de Dezembro PREMIAÇÃO DA LIGA REGIONAL 1o – $3000 2o – $1500 3o – […]

Published 2019-11-21 in PUBG News

Nations Royale: PUBG Winter 2019 – Qualifier Schedule

Nations Royale: PUBG Winter 2019 Qualifier Schedule Friday 22nd Kazakhstan – 15.00 CET – BO5 Turkey – 17.00 CET – BO3 Russia – 17.00 CET – BO5 Hungary – 18.00 CET – BO5 Belgium – 19.00 CET – BO5 Ireland – 19.00 CET – BO5 Serbia – 19.00 CET – BO5 Switzerland – 19.00 CET […]

Published 2019-11-21 in General, PUBG News

Win Big – ES

GLL Win Big El evento de esta semana es Win Big! Para entrar en clima de Noviembre, la Black Friday empieza aqui en GLL! Llamad a vuestros amigos, juntad un squad y vengan a jugar el evento en el site de GLL PLAY. Cuales son los premios? A cada 5 victórias el jogador regular ganará […]

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Win Big – PT

GLL Win Big O evento desta semana é o Win Big! Para entrarmos em clima de Novembro, a Black Friday começa aqui na GLL! Chame os amigos, junte um squad e venha jogar o evento no site da GLL PLAY. Quais são as premiações? A cada 5 vitórias o jogador regular ganhará 10 dólares, caso […]

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GLL Nations Royale: PUBG – Looking for Generals

Looking for Generals GLL Nations Royale: PUBG Winter 2019 is just around the corner and we are looking for generals who will lead their team to victory! Each country will have a general that is responsible for picking 24 teammates for their team, based on GLL stats as well as some invites. The generals will […]

Published 2019-10-22 in PUBG News

GLL Auto Chess Winter Season

GLL Auto Chess Winter Season Begins! Being an Auto Chess player just got better, presenting the GLL initiative to strengthen Auto Chess esports, the GLL Auto Chess Winter Season! With this, we want to enable any Auto Chess player to level up and become a pro at the game through our platform. How will it […]

Published 2019-10-10 in Auto Chess News, Seasons