We are just one week past the halfway mark of Season 3 in the EU region!

Ninjas in Pyjamas creep their way to the top in true ninja fashion!

Topping the leaderboard after four weeks of Season 3 is Ninjas in Pyjamas with a total of 110 kills and a 224 point lead from 2nd place team o1ne, they are the strongest contender in the EU region at this time. After not performing like their usual selves in Week 1 placing at a lowly 10th place, they upped the ante and crept their way up the board placing 2nd place in Week 2 and 3, then 3rd in Week 4.

During Week 1 we saw team The Reckoning perform exceedingly well, taking 1st place overall that week and were looking like the strongest team in the EU region. Fans high hopes were crushed as they unfortunately began to slip down the leaderboard coming in 9th in Week 2, sliding down into Bravo Division after placing 13th for Week 3 and remaining there in Week 4. They were just 30 points away from making it into Alpha Division for Week 5, unfortunately meaning they will stay in Bravo for another week.

FaZe Clan felt the pressure, after not performing to the standard they are held to and struggled to place higher than 6th place in the first 3 weeks, however they turned it all around and made Week 4 their week to shine, dominating the competition and reminding us all that they are one of the top tier teams in the European region, pushing themselves to an overall 4th place on the leaderboard.

Where there are teams that did well or not so well, there are always teams that perform consistently and hold a good spot on the leaderboard. Teams like o1ne and Besiktas Esports (previously Diamond Dogs) have shown us over these past four weeks that it’s not always the teams finishing 1st that make it into the big leagues but it’s the ones who can perform well time and time again. O1ne are sitting comfortably behind 1st place team Ninjas in Pyjamas  in 2nd place while Besiktas Esports are right behind FaZe Clan in 5th place. Both are strong contenders at making it to the $100,000 LAN Grand Finals.

Who is the best sniper in GLL Season 3?

Tryffeli from o1ne clutches a sniper battle with Raphy from The Reckoning to take home the Chicken Dinner in Week 1 Game 2.

Sambty from Team Liquid and his team mate Mista enter a 2v4 situation against Frescos and come out on top, tasting the Chicken Dinner in Week 3 Game 2.

Skuijke from o1ne getting kills in a very packed Yasnaya with a small amount of ammo consumed.

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We’ll be back next week on Wednesday 17th October we are back with the fifth week of GLL Season 3 starting at 17:00 CEST for CIS followed by Europe at 20:30, and lastly we end it with Americas at 01:00 CEST.

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