GLL is proud to announce Nordic Clash powered by Twitch

Nordic Clash

GLL is proud to announce one more duo tournament for all the PUBG lovers out there – this time especially for the Nordic region!

Starting this weekend (May 12,13) all the PUBG players and streamers across all the Nordic countries will be able to participate in “Nordic Clash” – a fun style monthly Duo FPP tournament run by GLL with support from Twitch for all the players in the Nordic region.

The Nordic Clash will go on for both May & June as a start.

How is it going to work?
Every week there will be a qualifier where anyone can sign up with their favorite partner, friend or wingman (if your dog can play PUBG she’s welcome as well). The Nordic Clash is a fun tournament so we’ll start with the broadcast on the qualifiers and then the next day move over to the final!

The stakes are high as we during all weekends will showcase both the qualifiers and the weekly finals live on – featuring the GLL production you all love.

After three weekends of play you will play in a monthly final together with some of the most famous Twitch influencers in the Nordic region in the monthly playoff Championship where besides glory you can compete for $5,000 USD.

The “Nordic Clash” will run in May and June and is available for all players in the Nordic region: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Schedule May 2018
Week 1:

  • May 12th – Qualifier #1
  • May 13th – Weekly Final #1

Week 2 : *

  • May 19th – Qualifier #2
  • May 20th – Weekly Final #2

Week 3: *

  • May 26th – Qualifer #3
  • May 27th – Weekly Final #3

Monthly Final:
June 3rd

* We will try to schedule the matches so it does not overlap with PGI 2018 qualifiers. Exact times as well as June dates will be published the upcoming week.

Sign up now at – first weekly tournament starts on Saturday May 12!