Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day that we recognise women all over the world and we think it’s about time you get to meet all the women behind GLL! Each and every single one of these amazing women is part of the bricks that built Gloot/GLL into what it is today. Join us in celebrating all that they do!



Wilda is the Master of Happiness here at Gloot. In between her shifts of greeting her fellow coworkers as they walk in the door, she also takes the time out of her busy day to sit at the kitchen table for lunch or cuddle up to her favourite toy!

Constanza Rodriguez

Constanza is the Head of People & Culture here at Gloot, she keeps everything in line and works closely with the recruitment of our ever expanding team of superstars!


Gintare Genyte

Gintare is the Customer Relations Specialst here at Gloot, taking care of things on the payment and product side within her team. She is the hero behind all of your GLL Payment enquiries!


Maria Prosvirova

Maria or you may know her as Sandra_Mad is the Esports & Community Manager for the CIS Region here at GLL. She is a real rockstar when it comes to making sure that the community has all the information and support they need to take part in all of the great events we have to offer!

Lea Lucas

Lea or as many of you know her as Katti is the Community Manager & Social Media Strategist behind GLL, wondering who is the linguist behind the Twitter or who sent you a GLL host on Twitch while playing in a GLL Matchmaking event? That’s the person!

Sabine Gutmane

Sabine is one of the Digital Designers here at Gloot/GLL. When you launch play.gll.gg and are greeted with the wonderful layout and wonder who is the mastermind behind this? Well, if you see it, she made it!


Sigrid Haflínudóttir

Sigrid is a Software Developer or should we say Software Diva here at Gloot/GLL, she works with the backend services that GLL users find themselves using on a day to day basis!


Tara Johnson

Tara is the Project Manager or as we like to call her the Happy Police here at Gloot/GLL, her job is to keep the ship sailing! You might recognise her as the superstar that made sure you made it to a GLL LAN event with her amazing Travel Coordination skills! Is there anything she can’t do?

Think you have what it takes to join our team? Check out our Careers page to see what jobs we have open – https://career.gloot.com/