GLL Wingman Series V – Finals Info

Time for the GLL Wingman Series 5 Finals

To warm you up for the GLL S3 Grand Finals we have our Wingman Finals the day before on the 5th December. Three regions will have three champions for the last Wingman Series for 2018.

All of the matches will be broadcasted from the Lounge Stream Studio on 

A total of $53,000 will be handed out to the three regions and it all starts with our newest region, Oceania. They will kick things off at 10:00 CET / 20:00 AEDT with their BO6 series on all three maps. They will fight for a prize pool of 5000 AUD were the winner will walk home with a lion’s share of 2000 AUD.

Following the Oceanic region, we will have the European+CIS finals were the 40 duos will duke it out for 25,000 USD. That will kick off at 18:00 CET / 20:00 MSK on Wednesday and like all the other Wingman Series V it will be broadcasted on the official GLL channel on Twitch. This will all be followed by the Americas finals that will be played at 00:00 CET / 6 pm EDT.

Format & prize distribution

The format for the Wingman Finals will be the same as the qualifier as they play a best of six series were eight duos get eliminated every second match. First, we start off with 40 duos on Miramar and after two games the bottom eight are eliminated. This leaves us with 32 duos who will face off on Erangel. After two played games another eight are eliminated and finally we have Sanhok were the top 12 duos will win prize money.

The prize distribution for the European and Americas final can be found below:

So get ready for the Wingman Finals as we will have a total of 18 games played on Wednesday the 5th of December!