GLL Wingman Series V – Duo League

GLL Wingman is finally back with Series V! This time we are revamping our concept as we’re extending it to a duo league. We are introducing a new format that changes slightly through the different stages of the tournament.
Remember that Wingman is all about having fun, and the qualifiers are open to anyone who wants to be part of the action, so grab your best buddy, partner, lover or whoever you like to play with and signup today!

The qualifiers for GLL Wingman Series V starts in early November, and will be played in a Survival-style format featuring all three maps; Miramar, Erangel and Sanhok.
The duos compete in a best of six series with two games on each map. After each map-block the bottom 8 duos* are eliminated, while the remaining duos advance to the next map-block. The top 10* duos remaining after the entire best of six series move on to the next stage.

*The exact number of duos being eliminated, and that qualify from each group is subject to change. Variation between groups are subject to change based on the number of duos participating in each region.


  • Round 1A: November 2 – 19:00 CET
  • Round 1B: November 7 –  19:00 CET
  • Round 2: November 8 – 19:00 CET

CIS & Turkey

  • Round 1A: November 3 – 13:00 MSK
  • Round 1B: November 3 – 19:00 MSK
  • Round 2: November 4 – 15:00 MSK

North America

  • Round 2 – November 4 – 5pm EST

South America

  • Round 2 – November 7 – 21:00 BRST

Here are the sign-up links for each region:

EU –
CIS & Turkey –
NA –
SA –
The main part of Wingman Series V starts on November 14th and will be played every Wednesday for three consecutive weeks. You can view these games on our Twitch channel, broadcasted live from our studio.
Each week the duos will duke it out in a best of five series on one of the three maps.

Week 1 will kick off with 40 duos per group, and the bottom 8 teams in each group will be eliminated every week.  The top 20 teams from each region after the last week of play will qualify for the Grand Finals!
Week 1: Miramar – 14th of November

  • CIS & Turkey – 19:00 MSK
  • Europe – 19:00 CET
  • South America – 19:00 BRST
  • North America – 7pm EST

Week 2: Erangel – 21st of November

  • CIS & Turkey – 19:00 MSK
  • Europe – 19:00 CET
  • South America – 19:00 BRST
  • North America – 7pm EST

Week 3: Sanhok – 25th & 26th of November

  • CIS & Turkey – 19:00 MSK – 26th November
  • Europe – 19:00 CET – 26th November
  • South America – 19:00 BRST – 25th November
  • North America – 7pm EST – 25th November

Remember to keep an eye on our website to catch all the latest events and updates!