It’s time to take another look at the teams heading into the Regional Finals for the North American region of GLL Season 4 this weekend!

GLL Season 4 Regional Finals – NA Preview

Season 4 of GLL is well underway, and besides the invited teams – the qualified teams for the S4 Online Finals in North America have been decided! In this article, we’ll take you through the action that went down and, with the help of community members, give you a few pointers on which teams you should keep an extra eye out for when it comes to one of the first big PUBG tournaments of 2020!

The qualifying rounds for the region concluded with the 9 highest scoring teams heading to the Online Finals. After 2 rounds of qualifiers, these 9 teams have earned a chance to qualify for the S4 LAN Finals against the best teams from all other regions! 


Full Leaderboard of the qualifiers can be viewed on GLL.

Invited Teams – NA Region

The 9 qualified teams will be joining the 7 invited teams that received a direct invite to the S4 NA Online Finals. The 7 invited teams were invited based on the PUBG Esports official criteria stating “To receive preferential seeding, NPL/NPLC teams must field a minimum of two players from the official roster that concluded Phase 3 (including Relegation).”.

GLL’s own Team Lead and NA PUBG community expert, Jordan Bowler (@J_Bowlerr on twitter) has been following the region and its developments closely, commented on the teams and who he considers the current Top 3 “In my opinion, Soniqs, Genesis, and STK are the Top 3 teams in the region”.

The Soniqs added Meluke and Sharky (previously Tempo Storm), as well as Waldoe (previously Rumblers) to the only holdover, TGLTN.
The Soniqs new roster is pure fire. There are some real fraggers on that team. I’m excited to see how they gel.

As for Genesis, they added Shrimzy (previously Ghost Gaming) and M1ME (previously Smokin’ Aces) to go along with Pr0phie and hwinn.
The addition of Shrimzy to Hwinn and Pr0phie was already nutty, but to throw in Pr1me T1me M1me T1me too?! The fragging capability on that team is unbelievable.

Finally, Shoot To Kill has the exact same roster as with Lazarus. aLow, Uncivil, Luke12, and PurdyKurty will have the advantage of continuity over the majority of teams in the NA Online Finals.
STK has performed well in every event, one of the longest standing rosters with minimal changes, their synergy is of something any team should dream to have.

With a lot of the invited teams changing up their roosters in a chaotic transfer period at the beginning of this season, we’ll see if the ones who switched things up will excel in performance or if they’ll become easy prey for the teams that stuck together.

Qualified Teams – NA Region

The qualifying teams have a plethora of talented teams. Out of all the qualifying teams, Yaho stands out the most. Yaho finished at 1st place in the BO8 with a very strong performance, especially considering that they only had 6 points after the 2nd game! The turnaround was insane as the gap between Yaho and 2nd place (25 pts) became greater than the point differential between 2nd place and the rest of the qualifying field (22 pts)! When asked about what teams stood out it was no surprise that both LilFuzzySeal and Ivel were quick to mention Yaho.

Yaho was obviously an incredibly successful team (1st place in Round 2, Group 3 and 1st place in Round 3) highlighted by their ability to maintain their aggressive playstyle going into the late game. Isolating fights, finding angles, and identifying game-winning positions were some major skills in their toolkit.”

– Ben “LilFuzzySeal” Harris

Yaho has hard fragging power and seemed like they had a lot of fun playing, as they pushed aggressively when they could. They excelled when they were fighting.

– Levi “Ivel” Haakenstad Sørensen

All games were cast and broadcasted by a group of talented and knowledgeable people within the PUBG community and here is what they had to say when asked about what team(s) caught their eye.


Inquisition played as well as expected. Exiled came out of nowhere for me. I had never heard of them or their players”.

– Tanner “7teen” Curtis

Impulsee quite interesting. They made it to the late game most games with good rotations but lacked a bit of experience of how to play the late game to the fullest. The regional finals will be different so we’ll have to see how they do there.

– Patrick “Frosz” Iu

Impulsee is a great team to watch. I’m interested to see how they perform in the tougher lobbies coming up.”

– Mike “Hypoc” Robins

Inquisition and Impulsee finished 4th and 5th respectively in the qualifying round, each grabbing a chicken dinner in the round, but with different styles. Inquisition finished with the second most kills out of all 9 qualifying teams, while Impulsee was top 3 when it came to placement points.

Ben “LilFuzzySeal” Harris explains why Elus1ve and Dropshotters, the 8th and 9th placing teams, respectively, are 2 of the teams he expects to make some noise in the Regional Finals:
Elus1ve showed incredible hardiness by being put in difficult positions in the blue alongside 3+ teams and still finding ways to come out on top, both in kills and in placement. Each player individually showed off their potential with a variety of pop offs, as well. They also managed to be a threat to other teams consistently as a 2 or 3 man team, a plus to be sure, but they also found themselves AS a 2 or 3 man more often than they’d like.

“I feel as though the Dropshotters we saw during the Round 2 and 3 games were not the Dropshotters we normally see. They are generally great at taking fights, as well as identifying when they should fight or disengage. The DS we saw in Round 2 and 3 didn’t feel as confident though, and their IGL GregShotGG scouting for the team feels as though it led to unnecessarily rough situations whenever he died on a scout. They still qualified in 9th place by the skin of their teeth though, and if they can fix the issues they had in the qualifiers, I truly believe they will be a force to be reckoned with.

The PUBG Esports scene was shaken up quite a bit with the announcement from PUBG Corp in December about the restructuring of the competitive scene for PUBG in 2020. This combined with the numerous esports organizations that have chosen either to change their rosters or to no longer field a PUBG team has led to a lot more player movement and a more open period of “free agency”, where many players are no longer under a contract. All of this leads to more opportunities for new players and teams to showcase their skills and what they can do.

After casting the qualifiers, Mike “Hypoc” Robins expressed that the GLL Season 4 Regional Finals will give us a glimpse into how all these changes will shake out, stating  “With some exciting new lineups and some old faces returning to NA PUBG, the finals of the GLL Regional Finals should be an eye-opener as to what NA can hopefully bring to the global stages throughout 2020.

Stream Information

Now more than ever it seems like anything can happen in PUBG, and before we go to the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals in Stockholm this March, the teams will clash online this weekend on the following time slots:

  • Day 1: 7th of February – 7PM EST
  • Day 2: 8th of February – 5PM EST
  • Day 3: 9th of February – 5PM EST

Streamed live on
And cast by

Stay tuned for the following previews where we will cover the LATAM and EMEA regions!

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– Written by Trey “CantorWont” Latimer
– Edited by Dennis “Defur” Bagstevold

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