It’s time to take another look at the teams heading into the Regional Finals for the LATAM region of GLL Season 4 this weekend!

GLL Season 4 Regional Finals – LATAM Preview

With the North American qualifiers decided (read more in our previous article), we take a look at the continent next door and see what the Latin American scene holds in store for the GLL PUBG Season 4 Regional Finals!

In the LATAM qualifying rounds, we have 8 teams invited from the previous Phase 3 of the LATAM Masters, as well as 8 teams making it in from the open qualifiers. These two halves will clash this weekend in the Regional Finals, where the Top 3 teams will move on to the offline Grand Finals held in Stockholm, Sweden between the 28th of February 28th and 1st of March!

Full Leaderboard of the qualifiers can be viewed on GLL.

Invited Teams – LATAM Region

The invited teams of the Season 4 LATAM Online Finals consist of numerous teams, organizations, and players that are not only consistently qualifying for LAN events, but they also continue to surprise many PUBG players and fans alike with their overall performances. The veteran powerhouses of the group are without a doubt Red Canids and Meta Gaming (new team name, who dis?).

Red Canids have cemented themselves as a top team in the region after 2 consecutive PUBG Global Events, most recently at PGC where they looked to be poised to qualify for the PGC Finals till the now-infamous last game of the second round in which FaZe Clan had one of the most improbable moments in PUBG esports history. That defeat might derail a team but it looks to have only made Red Canids even hungrier as Fernando “PsycOrNve” Malave states, Red Canids had an incredible performance [in the PGS: Berlin – Latin America Closed Qualifier] as they’ve shown once again why they are one of LATAM’s top teams finishing 1st with a substantial margin over the rest of the field. The Red Canids added Killdemo, who was one of the top fraggers of the qualifiers.”

Meta Gaming, previously known as WClick at PGC, is the team with the best performances when competing against the top teams from around the world. At each global event, they finish quite high in the standings. They were the only LATAM team to make it to the PGC Finals and will be looking to build on that this year. The team consists of players who performed well at previous GLL events like Grand Slam (6th place finish), GLL’s Wingman IX PRO Finals and Wingman VIII Grand Final Americas. The new addition of Augusto “Pand4e” Crocco gives the team a strong all-around player who has experience competing at the high levels.

Qualified Teams – LATAM Region

Caster Gabriel “GabrielCanedoGames” Canedo (@CanedoGames) has cast more GLL hosted games than anyone else. When asked for some insight into the qualifying teams he didn’t disappoint. [Editor’s note: All of Gabriel’s quotes came before round 3]

Without a doubt, the team everyone is watching is “A Creche“, not only because of their sense of humor (a creche translates to “the nursery” because of all their young players) but from how they’ve performed against other strong teams in the region. Their round 2 of the qualifiers was a great team performance.  They finished 1st scoring 94 points, almost DOUBLING the points of the 2nd place team (and fellow qualified team Exodia) with Sparkingg putting up a monster 29 KILLS in the round of 6 games.”

Speaking of Exodia, as seen in the leaderboard above, they apparently set a team goal of getting ALL THE KILLS in the 3rd round. Their total of 74 kills was just 3 kills short of the 2nd place teams combined kills+placement points. Exodia would have qualified in 2nd place had they forfeit all their placement points (On a personal note)

Exodia comes into GLL Season 4 as one of the most hyped teams in the region. They are composed of players from competitive players, who have never played together before. Necro (ex-Pronetagem), v1n1 (ex-Brazilian Crusaders), ps1co (ex-Red Canids) and Guben (whose just turned 18 a few months ago). Without a doubt, they will make it through to the finals.”

Team Exodia (2nd of back-to-back wins)

The LATAM region is wildly underrated in the entertainment department. The region just FEELS fun. Things such as a group of players not old enough to compete globally naming their team “The Nursery” or the team “3 HOMENS E MEIO” (3 And a Half Men) due to their roster of 3 male and 1 female (DangerousDjenny as she’s called) players are legitimately funny. Which is refreshing to see from a group of players that put in as many hours as they do. Season 4 LATAM Regional Final will undoubtedly be full of amazing moments and definitely some jokes, and maybe, just maybe another SzylzEN drive-by. 

Stream Information

Make sure to catch all the action this weekend on the following timeslots:

  • Day 1: 7th of February – 19:00 BRT
  • Day 2: 8th of February – 18:00 BRT
  • Day 3: 9th of February – 18:00 BRT

Streamed on and cast by:

Gabriel Canedo

Fernando “PsycOrNve” Malave
Fernando “Jerry” Guzmán

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– Written by Trey “CantorWont” Latimer
– Edited by Dennis “Defur” Bagstevold


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