It’s time to take another look at the teams heading into the Regional Finals for the EMEA region of GLL Season 4 this weekend!

GLL Season 4 Regional Finals – EMEA Preview

Season 4 of GLL is already well underway, and besides the invited teams – we now have all the qualified teams for the Regional Finals! In this article, we’ll take you through the action that went down in the EU, CIS and MEA regions and give you a few pointers on which teams you should keep an extra eye out for when it comes to one of the first big PUBG tournaments of 2020!

Invited Teams – EMEA Region

Out of all of the regions, EMEA is the most anticipated one. A total of 534 teams vied for the coveted 9 qualifier spots, 3 per region (CIS, MEA, EU). After 3 qualifying rounds, the number of teams was finally whittled down to the 9 teams who managed to claw themselves into one of the 3 spots available in their specific region. Before we take a look at those 9 teams let’s first review the teams that, because of their placement in PEL Phase 3, bypassed the qualifier rounds. Feel free to check out all the Season 4 information and that’s not all, because in 2020 we’re making it cool to read the rules, Season 4 rules.

There aren’t many in the world that study, research, and analyze PUBG quite like Tobias “TheNameIsToby” Wiinblad. His work grind is so strong that it’s like he has knowledge of ranked leaderboard for, well, knowledge. He brings so much to the community each day and so why would today be any different. Lets see what he has to say.

Take it away Toby!

FaZe Clan
With Gustav (Formerly TSM) joining the lineup, FaZe Clan has added one of the very best all-around players a team could wish for. Having followed their scrims, it doesn’t seem like adding a new 4th player has slowed them down and I’m expecting great results from this, already, very talented lineup.

Team Liquid
The twins are out, Kaymind & “Svetlana” are in and just like with FaZe Clan, Team Liquid has already shown great promise during the scrims. They have been absolutely dominant when being able to keep all 4 players alive through the midgame, which is what they will need to keep doing – keep all 4 alive.

Natus Vincere (NaVi)
Yet a team with roster-changes coming into the 2020 season. Kemba7 and TheTab has joined the squad, but it doesn’t seem like it has changed much of NaVi’s playstyle. They will rotate, rotate and rotate some more and try to avoid confrontations (preferably) until phase 4-5 where they will then overpower wounded teams who have been forced to fight earlier. Look for NaVi to try to avoid fights early-game to keep 4 alive for the late game.

Similar to NaVi they’re a rotation heavy team, not looking to fight early – having said that, if opponents decide to engage, they never shy away from a brawl. They’re a cautious team, preferring the safer play over the more aggressive one until the very final circles. Doing this, they’ve found themselves in the late-game often which, if converted into wins, can easily put this team in to top half of the leaderboard.

Zoekt een Naam
The former N47 lineup amazed many viewers in 2019 in PEL with their great performances, and it seems that the off-season coming into the 2020 season has only made them stronger. They’re as dangerous as ever on Sanhok and will sweep you if you come in their way. Also, if you fight them in Yasnaya, keep voice-chat activated.

WTSG is back! This time with a new lineup; Nbs and Gaxy has been replaced with Iroh and Sambty and having watched their scrims, they seem like they’re still getting molted together as a unit. The fragging power, skill and cunning is there- and they look like a hungry team who wants to get back on the global stage! Also, they don’t look South George anymore. *Insert gasp*

Team Unique
Having acquired half of the old NaVi lineup (POKAMOLODOY & ADOUZIE), Team Unique is scary. Very scary. Now I’m not talking about their insane fragging power or great rotations (which they already have), but just look at how many GLL LAN winners there are on that team. Is it meant to be?”

Qualified Teams – EMEA Region

Toby told us about each of the invited teams, we thank you kindly good sir! Now as mentioned before, the qualifiers for EMEA were one of the most unforgiving qualifiers and the 3 teams from each region should really be commended for securing one of the 3 available spots as that alone is no easy task. So who are these teams you ask? They are…what? Check my messages? You said that was just the FIRST message from Toby? Like much more? Let me see. Oh wow, and it’s so much better than what I haveSorry about that folks my game froze for a second there. Now as I was saying, Toby has broken down EVERY team competing in the EMEA Regional Finals so without further ado…

CIS Qualifiers

Tornado Energy:
A team that lives up to their name. They never shy away from a fight and will gladly take a fight to you at any point of the game. Look for them in particular on Sanhok, where their great coordinated engagements tend to really pay off

With former CrowCrowd player Zer0ng on the lineup, the Alt team managed to grab the 3rd place in the CIS qualifiers, just exactly making it into the finals! What to expect from them, I remain unsure – but having beaten top CIS teams like UNITY, I’m sure they’ll be ready!

POGilaya 4etverka:
Relying on XAACTA and SunZe_ to do the majority of the killing through the last round of the qualifiers, the “POG” team is coming into the EMEA Regional Finals relatively unknown. The fragging power is there for sure, but how will the team fare against the top teams in the region? We will find out tonight!”

MEA Qualifiers

Digital Athletics:
DA has always been one of the top teams coming out of MEA and it’s no surprise that they came out in 1st during the GLL S4 Regional Qualifiers. The recent additions of Smashbae has added extra fragging power, which will come in handy if they’re planning on dropping in with opponents VERY close on all 3 maps as the recent scrims have shown.

Beşiktaş Esport
After the leave of what is now Diamond Dogs, Beşiktaş has picked up a (almost) full Turkish lineup. While the team is new and still not very battle-tested, they did put up really good numbers in the MEA qualifiers, besting teams like BLAZE and Istanbul Wildcats – So while I’m not expecting them to go out and win the event, I’m sure they will put up a fight with anyone coming in their way.

Blaze Esports
Blaze underwent a lot of changes during the late months of 2019 and has, with the latest addition of Lipsin, now seemingly found their final 4man lineup. They seem to me like a team that will rather rotate to a new spot than take fights for areas they control, which has me worried when looking at the aggressive playstyles of some of the other teams in the regional finals.”

EU Qualifiers

With the addition of Braexco, Fexx & Jembty on the lineup, and Rawryy hopping to the coaching slot – TSM has started a new adventure. An adventure that involves a TON of fragging power and a new looting spot on Miramar. I’m expecting great things from this new lineup!

Having existed for quite a while, InsideGames has previously struggled to get inside the Top16 of EMEA PUBG, but with very impressive recent performances, I’m seeing this team as a potential “out of nowhere” / surprise performer at the GLL Regional Finals.

You may not now the team by the name, but players such as monkey_LeSinge, Shiv & udyRR go as far back as competitive PUBG itself, and with Naylup joining the squad as one of the top fraggers of the EU qualifiers, this lineup is going to make any team around them think twice before fighting. Watch for great third-party engagements.”

Now that Toby covered every team for us, let’s take a closer look at the EU qualifiers. The EU qualifiers were by far the most competitive, just one glance at the Season 4 EU Qualifier Leaderboard will tell you that, but that’s not enough, we need to know more about this Qualify or Die Tryin’ group, and we have JUST the man to do it since he casted it! So Donát “omgezjonesy” Zöld what can you tell us?

The whole EU qualifier was ridiculously close until the very last map, the top 3 teams were only 5 points apart, and 6 teams missed the top3 spot by less than 10 points. Exalt Gaming was topping the leaderboard, with almost the same roster of last season’s Team Reciprocity: so Shiv, Monkey and Udyr, the only switch-up is Naylup playing instead of Scoom. I would say they were the most consistent team of the EU qualifier, they have great additional firepower with Naylup, he topfragged in the team with 18 kills across 8 maps. Well deserved first spot, surely a force to be reckoned with.”

Inside Games:
“Second place team is Inside Games, they had the biggest clutch moment of the qualifier by winning the last map, gaining 20 points which flew them from the 8th place into the 2nd place. They have been a top tier team for a long time now, and were unable to get things going for them in the Phase 3PEL Promotion, but they are here to showcase that they belong to the top. PiXeL1K, their madfragger was able to get 21 kills which was the highest of the lobby, that is a name to remember for the Regional Finals.”

TSM was the last team to qualify and to be frank they didn’t deserve it. They looked shaky throughout Round 2 as well, managing to grab the last spot of Round 3 by only 1 point. They are a newly formed team with Jembty, mykLe, Fexx and Braexco. If it weren’t for Braexco hard-carrying his team with 20 kills (meanwhile the other 3 players only managed to grab 15 kills amongst them), TSM wouldn’t have been able to qualify. Jembty only had 2 kills in 6 maps of Round 2, and only 2 kills in 8 maps of Round 3. They need to get things together swiftly, because with a performance like this they are going to bomb in the Regional Finals.”

The EMEA Region is looking to be one of the most explosive ones for this weekend as were heading into the GLL Season 4 Regional Finals. With a longer seasonal break before this tournament – we’re going to see a lot of these hungry teams clash for the first time in a long time, with half of them getting eliminated before the Grand Finals.

Who do you think will move on? Let us know by tagging @GLLPUBG and #GLLS4 on Twitter! And a special thanks to both of these guys who went above and beyond with the knowledge they provided for this preview.

Tobias “TheNameIsToby” Wiinblad
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Instagram: Tobias Wiinblad (@wiinblad)

Donát “omgezjonesy” Zöld
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  • Day 3: 9th of February – 17:00 CET

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– Written by Trey “CantorWont” Latimer & Tobias “TheNameIsToby” Wiinblad
– Edited by Dennis “Defur” Bagstevold


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