GLL Season 4
Regional Finals Recap

With the regional finals done the pro teams of PUBG are finally starting to pick up the pace again after the Seasonal break, and we’re now only about a week away from the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals!

16 teams made it in from the Qualifiers and Regional Finals and are soon en route to the capital of Sweden to battle for their lion share of the $150,000! To prepare you we’ll recap the Regional Finals so you’ll know who to look out for and who to root for in the first big offline squad event in 2020!

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EMEA Leaderboards

Team Liquid
finished 1st overall in the EMEA Regional Finals, their total score breakdown is 1st in placement points, 3rd in kill points. In 8 out of the 18 games Team Liquid either placed 1st or 2nd, and during the 2nd day had an impressive 3 game run of 2nd, 2nd, 1st. Their consistency went beyond kill/placement points, as all 4 players had over 20 kills, the difference from most to least being only 6 kills. Overall Team Liquid had the highest single-day point score with their impressive 79 total points on day 2.

finished 2nd, but only 6 points behind Liquid. They were second in kill points (only 4 less than 1st though) and 2nd in placement points and might have finished 1st if not some unfortunate misplays on day 2 where they only scored a total of 27 points over the course of the 6 games. However, their day 1 (65 points) and day 3 (70 points) total point scores were more than enough and gave them a top 5 overall for single-day points.

TORNADO ENERGY, much like their name implies, is a whirlwind of destruction to teams unfortunate enough to be near them, finishing the EMEA Regional Finals with the most kills (106). However, out of all the EMEA teams heading into the Grand Finals, they were last in placement points. Despite this, they finished 3rd place overall due to so many kill points. We’ll see if they maintain this playstyle going into the Grand Finals with more regions, or if they will reel it back and play more passively.

Omaken Sports
started out very strong and had a top 3 finish in total scores 5 out of 6 games for a total of 71 points on day 1 of the Regional Finals! The talk of the day was
PaG3 and his astonishing 25 kills. Nevertheless, the team couldn’t continue their hot play in the following days and only finished top 3 in points once more in the remaining 12 games. PaG3 finished the EMEA Regional Finals as the leader in kills with 33 and Omaken Sports finished 4th overall.

AfterAlt finished tied for 5th place with FaZe, but on the tiebreaker of kills (by 2 kills). Led by Dan1mon1 with 31 kills (only 2 behind the kill leader). AfterAlt surprised many on their way to qualifying for the Grand Finals. Day 2 is when the team did their best work, winning 2 games, including the last game of the day in which they scored the highest single-team score of all the games with 27 total points.

FaZe Clan finished 6th (tied with 122 points for 5th but tiebreaker went to AfterAlt) winning 1 game in the process. FaZe only finished top 3 in total score 4 times out of 18 games. They started out Day 1 with a 52 point day, but things slowly declined from there as Day 2 they scored 43 points, and culminating with only 27 points on Day 3. The GLL Grand Slam winners still have moments where they look solid, but if they want to return to their tournament winning form. Perhaps the last-minute addition of Didz as a coach will help them get there?

Exalt Gaming
finished in 7th despite their slow start (12th place at the end of Day 1). Day 2 ended with the team in 8th place as they more than tripled their day 1 score (including a 20 point win on the day). On the final day Exalt secured themselves another impressive win which led to them securing themselves a trip to Stockholm.

Digital Athletics
started off the Regional Finals strong by finishing day 1 in 5th place with 48 total points, and similar to others in the top 8 they wavered on the second day where they scored 26 points and found themselves in 7th place. Day 3, unfortunately, didn’t turn out much better as they only gained one more point than the day prior, but in doing so they managed to claw their way into the 8th and final EMEA spot for the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals.

NA Leaderboards

Shoot To Kill started the NA Regional Finals redlining out the gate! Never taking their foot off the gas, as they scored 80 points day 1, 81 points day 2, day 3 being their “worst” day as they “only” scored 58 points. STK got more kills that all teams had total points, save 2 (Wildcard and Exodus). The difference between them and 2nd place is 60 total points. If you took away all of STK’s points from the final day (as if they didn’t play at all) they would still finish in 1st place.

Another interesting aspect as a spectator will be to see if we get to see the top fragger luke12, who finished with 48 kills in the Regional Finals, going up against his former teammates in Athletico Esports who he played alongside in Sweden for the 2nd place finish back at the GLL Grand Slam. In any case, it’s hard to tell just how that dominating force will translate when mixing in the other regions, but STK will for sure be a team to look out for heading into the S4 Grand Finals.

Wildcard Gaming also came out of the game strong, finishing day 1 with 61 points and day 2 with 62 points. It’s a bit peculiar how Wildcard and STK both scored 1 point better on their day 2’s than their’ day 1’s. Wildcard tailed off on day 3 with “only” 35 points to finish the Regional Finals with 159 total points in 2nd place.

was almost the exact opposite of the 2 teams above. They started off slow (ended day 1 in 7th with 36 points), then roared to life and surprised everyone with a 60 point day 2 as well as finishing strong with 52 points the 3rd and final day.

was a team that a lot of people were excited about after their performance in the qualifiers, and they delivered. Being the 4th and final team to qualify for Grand Finals played the most consistent out of all the teams that qualified, however, that’s not to say that it was a walk in the park as the last day finished with both Genesis and Soniqs having monster games, each coming within mere points of overtaking Yaho. Alas, Yaho kept their composure and secured themselves a trip to Stockholm!

LATAM Leaderboards

RED Canids
finished 1st among the LATAM teams, which isn’t a surprise. They lead the LATAM Regional Finals in both kill points AND placement points for a total of 186 (43 more than 2nd place!). RED Canids are no stranger to Stockholm as they showed that they could go toe to toe with the other regions at the GLL Grand Slam in 2019.   

A Creche
finished firmly in 2nd place, whose strength relies on their fragging power. They finished the LATAM Regional Finals with the 2nd most kills (behind RED Canids). The team’s strong day 2 showed us what the team is capable of when they had back to back wins in games 9 & 10. With “guizeera” as a temporary stand-in for “hiagguin” it’s going to an added layer of challenge for this team as they go into the Grand Finals with a slightly modified line-up. With the entire team consisting of new and hungry up and comers, it’s hard to place them in the S4 Grand Finals, we could see them either surprising everyone or falling hard on their nose when all the regions come into play.

Team Singularity is also no stranger to Stockholm as the team also competed at the GLL Grand Slam in 2019. Singularity finished in a tie of overall points with Exodia, but won out on a tiebreaker to qualify for the Grand Finals. The roster has changed from last year but 2 of the new team members are also seasoned LAN players as they were previously part of the Bitloft/WClick team that was seen at PGS and the GLL Grand Slam. This team has the offline experience going for them, and we could see them perform even better when it comes to playing live on a stage.

Last but not least we have the invited Aussies in the form of Athletico Esports. The returning and previously dominating force in the OCE Region retains three members from their insane performance at the GLL Grand Slam the prior year, where they were to a lot of people’s surprise, the main contender of the trophy spot until a few unfortunate plays on the final day of the tournament. The strong in-game leader ZoidM8, along with the heavy fraggers Fludd and Xtreme are joined by Nick101 (formerly Team Immunity & Hell Yeah Brother) to complete the roster.

Athletico has been an on and off team that has always proven themselves in the OCE region, and have been close to achieving greatness outside their region multiple times. Besides their impressive performance at the GLL Grand Slam, they fell just barely out of the Elimination Stage before the semi-finals of the PUBG Global Championship in 2019 by a singular point.

With a lot of reforms happening to teams in the teams in NA and EU, it will be interesting to see how these OCE lads will do going up once again against teams outside of their comfort zone.

Closing Remarks

It’s been quite some time since we’ve last seen the regions clash at a LAN event and with all of the changes that have come about within the PUBG Esports scene it’s now harder than ever to predict how things will go. Generally, a lot of people are looking at the EMEA region as the more stable region, but with dominating performances from Shoot To Kill in and NA and up and comers A Creche in LATAM surprising everyone with their performance, as well as the return of Athletico Esports – it’s tough to say how it will finish when it also comes down to it.

All that we can say is that we’re super excited to see how it will all end coming next week, and we hope you are too! Don’t forget to follow our channels to stay up to date with the event, and also to follow our new Twitch channel so that you’re there when it all goes live!


– Written by Trey “CantorWont” Latimer
& Dennis “Defur” Bagstevold

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