GLL Season 3 Week 1 is over for Europe and what a great show it was!

The first week of GLL Season 3 has ended and you’ve heard how things went in the CIS & Turkey region, now let’s talk about how roster royale has been in the Europe region. With too many roster changes to count on one hand, some really strong teams have been formed which created quite the show during our broadcast.

Scoom’s new team The Reckoning tops Europe after Week One

The first week of GLL S3 is over, and after four intense matches in Europe, we now have a new top team. The Reckoning, a team with former Team Liquid player Keiron “Scoom” Prescott as the captain, is now the front-runner in Europe. This is an exciting improvement as last season they consistently placed 6th.

Despite getting the most points during two of the four games, the Finnish team o1ne trails behind in second place, only 18 points below. These two teams have a large gap over the third placed team, Team Liquid, as they trail being by 346 points. Out of the 42 kills that o1ne gained in the four games, Aki “TRYFFELI” Minkkinen was the top killer after week one in Europe with 17 kills.

Despite two strong games, o1ne ended up second in the European Division

In the bottom part of the European Alpha division, the two GLL Season 2 Finalists Tollenz Lions and Vitality dropped down to Bravo. Method also decreased to Bravo after a weak finish on Miramar, placing 13th and 16th respectively. Purple Cobras also placed in Bravo after finishing 15th in the Alpha Division with only four kills.

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In the Bravo Division, Elgiganten Gaming dominated to claim the first place slot with a comfortable 251 point lead above the second team, Back from Zharki. 3DMax and Yikes took the last two Alpha slots in the Bravo Division meaning we will see them next week on the main channel.

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Next week we are back with the second week of the GLL Season 3 starting at 17:00 CEST for CIS followed by Europe at 20:30, and lastly we end it with Americas at 01:00 CEST.

To view the recap of week one in CIS & Turkey you can find it here.