GLL Season 3 Grand Finals – Recap

After 15 games over 3 days, the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals is over and it’s Team Unique who take home the trophy!

The CIS & Turkey region + GLL, name a better duo! That makes it three seasons in a row where the region reigns supreme. Team Unique take home the mammoth share of the $100,000 prize pool, as well as $3,000 after getting 3 Chicken Dinners in games 4, 10 and 13 giving them a total of $43,000 in winnings!

Team Unique finished the event with a 774 point lead from 2nd place team OpTic Gaming. OpTic is another team that found themselves adding an extra $3,000 to their prize money after 3 Chicken Dinner, with back to back wins in games 8 & 9! This event will definitely by one for the teams resume, as it was the last one they played under the OpTic name.

Finishing the event in 3rd place is FaZe Clan whose new powerhouse of a roster featuring Ubah and Aitzy managed to accumulate a total of 101 kills over 15 games, making them the top fragging team of the entire event.

The leaderboard in day 1 was dominated my FaZe Clan who showed us all that they weren’t here to play around and meant business, totalling 41 kills already they were looking to be the favourite to win.

Day 2 was a different story, Team Unique began to break through and it became a battle for 1st place with both teams shuffling from 1st to 2nd.

Going into game 14 it looked like anyone’s game. Team Unique ends up having an intense fight with Ninjas in Pyjamas where they just barely make it out with one person alive, PlayWithMe. OpTic & FaZe needed a good game with unique going out anywhere around 10th. This wasn’t the case as PlayWithMe didn’t just secure himself and his team 3rd place in game 14, but also 100% secure 1st place on the overall leaderboard.

Full Leaderboards can be found here
A playlist of fun segments from the event can be found here
A playlist of all the S3 Grand Finals games can be found here

GG WP to everyone that took part. Season 3 has been quite the journey. Another huge congratulations to the Season 3 Champions – Team Unique and a big thank you and Happy Holidays to all the players and viewers from all of us here at GLL!

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Fellow Countrymen, it’s time to do your duty!

During the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals, there was an announcement for the first nation based 32vs32 PUBG tournament in the world where nations across the world will duke it out to finally decide – which country is the best PUBG country in the world?

Rampage Royale