GLL Season 2 Grand Finals

We’re extremely happy to announce more details regarding the Season 2 Grand Final coming up that will be held in Stockholm, Sweden August 10-12.

The event will take place at Nobelberget, a place most commonly known for concerts & conferences – but this Summer weekend it will be turned in to a Battle Royale Party for three full days.

Natus VincereFaZe ClanGhost GamingSetToDestroyX

Pittsburg KnightsGriffinsPenta EsportsTeam Vitality

Team LiquidWildcard GamingM19Team Dignitas

MoonwolfTeam GatesTeam ExpertTotality

The event will not be open to the public but we’ll let our greatest fans that are subscribers to GLL on Twitch join the Battle Royale party.

If you’re a subscriber and want to attend and visit the Grand Finals – send a mail to simon [a] & joakim [a] and provide us mail you’re subscribed with.

Journalist attendance
We’ll also let some selected journalists attend the event for coverage – if you’re interested to attend please send a mail to simon [a] & joakim [a] with name and publication you’re representing.

The event days will feature a total of 6 matches each day divided in 3 matches on Erangel and 3 on Miramar with a break in-between.

The starting order of the maps will be the following:

  • Friday, August 10: 3 Miramar, 3 Erangel
  • Saturday, August 11: 3 Erangel, 3 Miramar
  • Sunday, August 12: 3 Miramar, 3 Erangel

The point system that will be used will be the same as the one used during GLL Alpha Division

Preliminary schedule for each day:
15:00 CEST – Pre-Show
15:30 CEST – Game 1
16:30 CEST – Game 2
17:30 CEST – Game 3
18:30 CEST – Mid-day analysis and player break
19:00 CEST – Game 4
20:00 CEST – Game 5
21:00 CEST – Game 6

Just as last time we want to bring the GLL experience to as many as possible where we’ll include multiple languages and specific team streams for each team. More languages and streams will be announced later.

Team streams

  1. Na’Vi: /GLL_Team1
  2. Griffins: /GLL_Team2
  3. M19: /GLL_Team3
  4. Knights: /GLL_Team4
  5. FaZe Clan: /GLL_Team5
  6. Vitality: /GLL_Team6
  7. Team Liquid: /GLL_Team7
  8. Moonwolf: /GLL_Team8
  9. Penta Sports: /GLL_Team9
  10. Team Expert: /GLL_Team10
  11. Totality: /GLL_Team11
  12. Wildcard Gaming: /GLL_Team12
  13. TeamGates: /GLL_Team13
  14. SetToDestroyX: /GLL_Team14
  15. Team Dignitas: /GLL_Team15
  16. Ghost Gaming: /GLL_Team16

1st – $40,000
2nd – $20,000
3rd – $10,000
4th – $7,000
5th – $5,000
6th – $4,000
7th – $3,000
8th – $2,500
9th – $2,000
10th – $1,500
11-12th – $1,000 each
13-14th – $800 each
15-16th – $700 each

Stay tuned for more information on more details about the broadcast including more languages, hosts, analysts and casters.