GLL PUBG Season 4
Teams Update Statement

Due to some very unfortunate complications in the VISA process for two of the qualifying teams, we’ve had to make a tough decision to replace these with the teams next-in-line from the EMEA Regional Finals to be able to fill all 16 slots of the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals.


  • AfterAlt, unfortunately, had to withdraw from the tournament due to their VISA not being processed in time before the tournament. The team will be replaced by Inside Games who finished 9th in the EMEA Regional Finals.
  • Digital Athletics VISA process was unfortunately not finished in time for all travels to be approved before the start of the event. The team will be replaced by team Natus Vincere that placed 10th in the EMEA Regional Finals.

We’re very saddened to have to make these changes and want to offer our sincere apologies to the teams and their fans who were looking forward to seeing them play. 

AfterAlt and Digital Athletics performed extraordinarily during the Regional Finals. As such, we’d like to offer a spot to both teams in the Regional Finals of GLL Season 5, and we hope to see them once again qualify before the next LAN.

For all info regarding the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals, you can read more on the Event Page.