Get ready for GLL Promotionals tomorrow!

Over 1500 squads have duked it out over the course of both GLL Open and GLL Season 2 qualifiers across four regions in the world – and it’s time to know which teams will finally advance to the GLL Regular Season – it’s time for GLL Promotionals! Who’s ready to be as good as Na’Vi? Can anyone dethrone Ubah as the MVP of GLL?

All groups have been seeded based on GLL Open and Qualifier performance and can be seen here!

Cool! When and How can I watch it?
We intend to broadcast as many groups as possible during the qualifiers so here’s a list of all the Twitch streams that are going to broadcast it.

  • CIS – May 16, 18:00 CEST / 19:00 MSK
  • EU – May 16, 19:00 CEST
  • SA – May 20, 15:00 BRT (Note: Updated time!)
  • NA – May 20, 2pm EDT (Note: Updated time!)

CIS Promotionals:

More streams to be announced

EU Promotionals:

NA Promotionals:

Group 4 broadcasting to be announced.

SA Promotionals:

More streams to be announced

How many teams will advance per region?

As we just expanded with one more region as well as a separate SA qualifier there will be different amount of spots per region.

CIS Promotionals:
The top 7 teams of each group advance to GLL regular Season

  • Top 3 teams for each group will start in Alpha division
  • 4-7 for each group will start in Bravo division

EU Promotionals

  • Top 1 team for each group will start in Alpha division
  • 2-5 for each group will start in Bravo division

NA & SA Promotionals
For the GLL Promotionals in NA & SA there will be a total of 8 teams per region that will advance to GLL Regular season. That means that Top 2 from each group will make it.

As there is one vacant spot in Alpha: The top scoring team out of both regions winners in each group will get to start in Alpha division for Week #1.

This means that there will be one more spot available. That spot will go to the top scoring team out of all 3rd placed teams in both NA & SA.

When will Season 2 start and how will division movement work?
Season will start a day earlier than announced – exactly a week from now on May 22nd, a day earlier than planned to not overlap with PGI 2018 qualifiers.

We’ve changed the movement between divisions for Season 2 so each week the bottom 4 will drop down to Bravo and vice versa between Alpha and Bravo.

New for this season is also that we’ve added a Charlie division so the rest of the GLL Promotionals teams will duke it out there. The top teams there at the end of the season will directly advance to the GLL Promotionals for Season 3.