GLL Nations Royale: PUBG – Looking for Generals

Looking for Generals

GLL Nations Royale: PUBG Winter 2019 is just around the corner and we are looking for generals who will lead their team to victory!

Each country will have a general that is responsible for picking 24 teammates for their team, based on GLL stats as well as some invites. The generals will be hand picked by GLL and will represent local profiles within the PUBG community.

All Generals are expected to stream their matches in their respective local language.

What are the responsibilities of a general? 

Generals have many responsibilities such as selecting certain amount of players, improving the communication within the team and coming up with strategies to defeat their opponents. General will also stream their matches for their community.

We also expect generals to come to Stockholm if they are qualified for the Grand Finals. So please make sure you have a valid travel documents and able to travel.

How can i apply for being a general for my country?

You can apply by filling out this Google Form. Make sure you answer all the questions and that you give us as much details as possible. Your answers will be one of the key factors in picking generals.

We will stop accepting applications on the 5th of November so make sure you apply as soon as possible.

What is your decision based on? 

We will be selecting generals according to these criterias:

  • Twitch streams and interactions with their respective community
  • Proficiency in PUBG
  • Respecting the GLL Rules

Do you have what it takes?