GLL Grand Slam Recap

It’s been a couple of weeks since GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic, we are still living though the memories and we thought that we would share some of our favourite moments.

Let’s start with refreshing our memory, here are all the teams that participated.

The first day of the tournament was exciting. Team Liquid had a great day and were in the lead for most of it. Teams like the Rumblers, who won two games on the first day, and NaVi who started extremely strong in game one, had their eyes on the trophy. Day one had a lot of grenade plays and we decided to highlight some of them.

Team Liquid was on top until the third match of the second day. But FaZe Clan & Athletico managed to dethrone Liquid and show us a glimpse of the action that is waiting for us in the final day. NaVi also started to climb the ladder and proved that they are a team to watch out for.

The third and final day was very tense, we had several teams that had a very good chance at taking first place. One of the best plays of the tournament was done by Team Liquid’s Jembty with a spectacular comeback that turned the tables on Bitloft.

After an absolutely spectacular win in game 16 we thought that NaVi will fulfill the prophecy about CIS teams winning all GLL event but after NaVi took 14th place in the following game FaZe Clan proved that to fulfill the prophecy you only need one CIS player on your team 😉

The excitement was building up with every match and reached its climax with the last match of the tournament.

Going into game 18 we have five teams that had a solid opportunity to take the trophy!

The question of the match was “will Athletico pull it through or will they bend under pressure?”

With the south plane path and first circle, FaZe Clan had a big advantage going into the last match of GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic.

With 9 points difference between Athletico with 150 points and FaZe Clan with 141 points, following that we had Natus Vincere with 139 points, G2 Esports with 136 points and Team Liquid with 130 points.

Athletico faced Cloud9 while trying to rotate after second circle shift and lost almost all team members except Xtreme. 

Xtreme and Jembty were among the top 5 alive and they were the only one left in their respective teams and that must have been stressful as how they play this will define the final placement of their teams in the tournament.

FaZe Clan had a decent position in Small Mylta Power, Athletico tried their best but were taken out in 14th place by Natus Vincere. The Rumblers made a decision to start shooting at NaVi and that didn’t pay off, NaVi eliminated Rumblers.

But their journey was going to be challenging as they were in a very open position going downhill towards the plain left of Mylta Power.

With the next circle shift the situation was looking good for FaZe Clan as they were inside the only buildings left in the new circle. Meanwhile NaVi were catching up and were now tied in points with FaZe. But shortly after NaVi walked into Cloud9 that encounter brought them down to 1 player – Bestoloch.

In the last couple of circles FaZe still had the advantage of their compound being inside the safe zone and with few teams challenging them for it they were sailing towards the victory!

Bestoloch were trying to secure more points for his team but Pittsburg Knights took him out.

We have to mention amazing effort by Jembty who went out of his way to secure more points for his team with the kills he wrapped up an additional position higher in the leaderboard just with his performance in the last game!

We commend FaZe Clan for the amazing performance. We are very proud to host a PUBG Classic event, see you on the battlegrounds!