GLL is expanding, and so are our Discord servers!

That’s why, starting from today we’re introducing game specific Discord servers for GLL. We’re hoping that this will make for a better experience for our players, while it will also make it easier for us to organize communication for events and tournaments! As of late we’ve been expanding not only to new games such as Apex Legends and PUBG Mobile (with even more games on the horizon!), but also to new regions such as Southeast Asia! With the introduction of both new games and languages, we considered the players and admins perspective and wanted to create a space where we can maintain the direct contact and community feeling, instead of going down the path of having a gigantic lifeless Discord server.

Our main GLL Discord will of course stay intact and we’ll use it to share both general and essential news related to the platform and our events. You’ll now also be able to use that to either talk about GLL in general or find our other Discord servers through it.

The new Discord servers including our main one that we’re introducing are:

As more games are added added to GLL, we’ll add those to our Discord Server lineup as well.

Don’t forget that each game has it’s own Twitter account which you can follow to get the latest news from us regarding that specific game.

If you’re not already on the GLL Discord you can join it today by the click the links above or the button here below.