GLL Dev Letter #1



Dear players,

Recently we have been testing new ELO based system during the April and May Ladders. As you noticed it’s quite a big change from everything we had previously done and in this letter we want to explain a little bit about the system, the reasons we are implementing it and talk about our future plans for utilising it.

1-Why are we implementing this system?

The main reason behind our new system is simple – we want the system to be as fair as possible.

ELO is a system that has been used in traditional sports and esports quite some time and when we looked into ways to improve our previous static system we knew that this is the route we wanted to take. Over the years ELO has been one of the most fair systems to define an individual player skill.

The ELO & Rating system is dynamic which means that the amount of rating you get is based on your placement, kills, your previous rating and skill of the opponents you face.

The main flaw with a static system is it’s not individually tailored to a players skill. And when you have less than the designed amount of teams and players it is very unfair as it’s easier to gain rating.

2-What are our future plans?

We are an esports organisation and we want to achieve the highest level of competition on our platform. The ELO system has great potential to be extended to various tournaments on our platform and be the defining factor of a player’s individual skill level for a specific game. For example, it would allow us to host qualifiers to tournaments with players of only certain skill level or create a varied prize pool for different groups of players.

3-What matters in the system?

Whether you gain or lose rating changes, depending on what your rating is when you are starting a game. We count both kills and placement in the game you play. Based on the results (kills and placement) you will lose or gain rating.

The task we set with making this system as fair and competitive as possible is very complex. We cannot achieve that without your opinions and feedback. We want to thank everyone who has given us feedback during the beta test of this system that we did with April Ladder and May Ladder, be assured that we read and pay attention to everything. While we can’t make changes instantly and it doesn’t always correlate with our vision and end goal for this new system, your feedback started many important discussions in the company and we greatly appreciate it. You can use any social media, like Twitter, Discord, VK to give us your feedback.

Thanks for reading, look out for more dev letters in the future!

GLL Team