Sign up for GLL Apex Legends Open

We at GLL are now opening up for training for all Apex Legends players in all regions! Wanna see how good you are compared to the best of the best? Get ready for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series! This is your chance.

Sign up for interest tournament of GLL Apex Legends Open – a series where we will use the Tournament Mode in Apex Legends for some private practice (“scrim”) matches.

We’re now opening up the feature to all ALGS eligible players to get some practice for the upcoming season. Depending on the interest and resources, we’ll try to cater to as many Apex Legends players as possible.

All matches will be played on the tournament mode and we’ll match each team based on their skill for each region. For the first tournaments and matches, there will be no prize money – only practice and bragging rights are on the line!

So, what are you waiting for?

* Regions: North America, Europe, Greater Southeast Asia, South Korea, South America, Middle East & Africa, Australia & New Zealand, and Japan.
* The regions split may be updated depending on the number of sign-ups.
* The eligible countries for each region can be found on EA’s official website.