GLL Apex – Community Update & Statement

Today we’d like to take the time to address and respond to some of the feedback we’ve received from the competitive Apex Legends community. We GLL, as an esports organization, feel like it’s important that we address it and let you know that we highly appreciate your feedback, as we’ve not been adequately communicating with the community and the players. We have failed you in that regard and we’d like to formally apologize. We would like to improve things and give you a better experience in competitive Apex Legends starting today.

First of all we’d like to pinpoint some topics that have been brought up before we discuss the plans moving forward.

1. GLL Masters Summer Format
Super Regions & Latency Issues
Kings Canyon in League Phase
Seeding in Scrims
Game Hosts & Communication

1. GLL Masters Summer Format

To start things off, we’d like to give some context for the tournament itself. While we’re extremely happy to get the chance to host this tournament together with EA we’d like to make it clear that the GLL Masters Summer is a compliment to the ALGS Summer Circuit rather than a replacement or competitor to it.

We wanted to present Masters Summer as an opportunity for the competitive community to level up and offer top teams high-quality competition with a longer league format while also competing for prizes within the ALGS system. We acknowledge that teams from some regions feel left out, and that some might feel that the commitment is too big in relation to the prizes, and we’re actively looking at how we can improve it. Our intention is to continue with future league formats, this is by no means a one-off from our end, and we will take all feedback into consideration for future tournaments and leagues.

2. Super Regions & Latency Issues

The regions for the qualifiers and the Super Regions were grouped up by levels of activity and were prioritized as such. An issue that arose from that was in the Americas region, where Latin American teams struggled with the latency to the Dallas servers. While we can’t fully switch the servers to a different region this late in the process, we’ve switched to the Iowa servers to hopefully alleviate the problem a little.

In a climate in which online tournaments are the only option, grouping the regions in a global tournament has been a challenge. We’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible rather than excluding certain regions. However, in the future we will re-examine how we group these regions to maintain and promote competitive integrity.

3. Kings Canyon in League Phase

We are fully aware of the mixed reception regarding the inclusion of Kings Canyon in the League Phase of the Masters Summer.It was a risky decision to include it so soon after it had been updated by the development team. We wanted teams to be able to have a chance to prepare and play on this map as it will be part of the competitive environment moving forward. Again, we see our tournament as a part of the ALGS system that we work to support.

Players coming from other games featured on GLL know that we don’t shy from testing new maps and stages in games if we believe them to be competitively viable. However, we’re hoping that it will benefit the competitive scene in the long run in preparation for other upcoming tournaments.

4. Seeding in Scrims

In the process of shaping the format for the scrims on GLL we wanted to create equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of which organization teams are backed by or what region they’re from. With that said, we do not believe in dividing and segregating teams to accommodate those at the very top.

Making sure that teams always get good practice while not closing doors to upcoming teams is a challenge, and balancing the two is something hard to maintain. But we are constantly working on improvements to the seeding, to make sure we provide a sustainable environment for teams in the Apex Legends scene, in both the long and short-term.

5. Game Hosts & Communication

We’ve had a lot of feedback regarding the communication or lack of thereof, from us and our admin team. The Admins, which refer to our Game Hosts, are the ones who make sure that the matches in tournaments are up and running. That’s their first and foremost responsibility. As that has been their main focus, it has led to inconsistent levels of communication. We realize this mistake and we’d like to open up more avenues to contact and communicate with us.

We’d like the players in the Apex Legends community to know that we want to improve and give you a better experience on GLL when it comes to playing and competing in the Apex Legends. We’re here to listen, so if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us on our social media channels, or directly on Discord. You can also write to us in the feedback form which we’ve prepared here below.

Thank you for playing on GLL.


– GLL Esports Team