Four out of six weeks have passed in CIS & Turkey

We are 1 week past the half way point in Season 3; how are things going in CIS & Turkey?

Random Friends obliterate the competition

Random Friends dominate the first 3 weeks of GLL Season 3 after placing 1st place in each individual week, even though they had a rough week 4 and finished the week in 16th place they still managed to achieve 1st place overall after 4 weeks total. With 2 more weeks to go of Season 3, can Random Friends keep their dominance up or will it all go downhill from here?

The spotlight shines on the highest placed team, but what about those showing a consistent position on the leaderboards? Teams like Team Unique, Quantum Bellator Fire and Tornado Energy Storm are trailing right behind the strongest contender Random Friends in the CIS & Turkey region. After all there is only an 8 point difference separating Random Friends and 2nd place team Quantum Bellator Fire.

Where teams have performed well, there have been a couple of unexpected teams with unfortunate placements. GLL Season 1 Grand Champions Na’Vi is one of them sitting at 15th place on the overall leaderboard, in the midst of Roster Royale, they had their share of changes, which is hard on any team when trying to synergise.

Who has the best throwing arm in CIS & Turkey?

Big plays were made throughout these past four weeks with grenades, one of the most memorable being the quick thinking of 0nuqtive, from the team Random Friends, where he creates a hole in the door to throw his perfectly cooked grenade and finish the squad wipe on Kit-Kat in Week 3 Game 1.

Another being the insane throwing arm of Yungsannie127 from Kit-Kat with his life saving grenade on ZMOKIE44 from WINSide in Week 3 Game 4.

The third and final grenade comes from Mellman from Tornado Energy Battle where in his dying breath he drops a stray grenade to the floor as  MarcoDelvecchioo from Styx Gaming wanders over after wiping them out, taking MarcoDelvecchioo with them into the afterlife in Week 4 Game 1.

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We’ll be back next week on Wednesday 17th October we are back with the fifth week of GLL Season 3 starting at 18:00 MSK for CIS & Turkey followed by Europe at 21:30 MSK, lastly ending with Americas at 02:00 MSK.