Dev Letter 2: Grade System & Badges

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We aim to improve our platform every day and we are constantly working on new features to provide you a better experience. Today, we are proud to announce two new features: the GLL Grade System and Premium Badges.

What is the GLL Grade System?

The GLL Grade System is an ELO system that we use to calculate player ratings. The grades will be based on your skill level. The most skilled players will have the highest grade.
The higher you climb, the harder it becomes to move to the next grade.

For every 5 grades, you get a new badge. When you reach grade 20, you will get the legendary badge. As the name suggests, reaching grade 20 will be extremely difficult and only a few of the best players will be able to achieve it.

Our rating system on GLL has been active in the background. As of now, the highest-rated player on GLL platform is Vard from team WTSG who recently won GLL Season 4 with grade 19.

There is no max cap on the system, meaning that in theory, you can climb forever. However, as we mentioned before, it gets harder and harder as you get to higher grades.

Why are we implementing this? And what is an ELO rating system?

ELO is a system that has been used in traditional sports and esports for quite some time and when we looked into ways of improving our previous system, we knew that this is the route we want to take. Over the years, ELO has been one of the fairest systems to define an individual player’s skill.

The ELO & Rating system is dynamic which means that the amount of rating you get is based on your placement, kills, your previous rating, and the skill of the opponents you face.

The main flaw with a static system is it’s not individually tailored to a player’s skill, and when you have less than the designed amount of teams and players it is very unfair as it’s easier to gain rating.

For more information, see the ELO Rating Wikipedia:

Implementation of ratings and your current grade

The ELO system was implemented on GLL almost a year ago (May 2019) and has been working in the background since then. As such, all players who played on our platform since May 2019 have an active and fairly accurate rating.
Because of this, we’ve already collected enough data to ensure that the Grade System used on GLL use is one of the fairest and most accurate ELO systems possible for our players.

Grade System and Matchmaking

Currently, the matchmaking on and the Grade System on GLL are independent of each other. Meaning that you won’t be matched with other players according to your grade. However, in the future, we are planning to introduce this for matchmaking queue (the play button) as well as implementing rating specific tournaments.

Even though we don’t use grades for matchmaking right now, how much rating you gain or lose will still be influenced by everyone else’s rating in your game. If you have a lower average rating then everyone else in your lobby/game, you will lose less and gain more points depending on your performance. Likewise, if your rating is much higher than everyone else’s in your game, you will win less or potentially lose more.

We are an esports organization and we want to achieve the highest level of competition on our platform. The ELO system has great potential to be extended to various tournaments on our platform and be the defining factor of a player’s individual skill level for a specific game. For example, it would allow us to host qualifiers to tournaments with players of only a certain skill level or create a varied prize pool for different groups of players.

Your grade

You can easily see your grade on your profile page. Don’t forget that you need to play at least 5 games to get a grade. You can also see how many points are left until the next grade by simply hovering over your grade. Each grade will require 100 points.. You can also hover on other player’s grade to see how much they need to grade up.

You can also see if you are gaining or losing rating, based on your last 5 games. If the arrow is up and green that means you have gained rating but if it’s red you have lost rating over you last 5 games.

Whether you gain or lose rating changes, depending on what your rating is when you are starting a game. We count both kills and placement in the game you play. Based on the results (kills and placement) you will lose or gain rating.


An overall GLL leaderboard is currently not active on the website but will be coming very soon.

Whenever you sign up for a tournament or matchmaking, you will see everyone else’s rating so you will always know what grade players you’re facing.

We will also do our best to post regular updates of the top 5 rating leaderboards until the leaderboard has been implemented.

Premium Badges

In addition to our Grade system, we are also implementing Premium Badges. These will be your way of showing that you are a part of this amazing community. You will get a badge when you become premium and your premium badge will evolve as you continue to have premium.

Suggestions and feedback

The task we set with making this system as fair and competitive as possible is very complex. We cannot achieve that without your opinions and feedback. We want to thank everyone who has given us feedback and used this system, which has helped us massively! You can use any social media, like Twitter, Discord, VK to give us your feedback.