An unexpected turn of events in Week 4 for CIS & Turkey

There is a Tornado coming in with a full Energy Storm

Tornado Energy Storm crash into Week 4 with a Chicken Dinner in Game 1 where they grabbed 11 kills and paved their way to victory. Unfortunately after placing 13th in Game 3 and 16th in Game 4 they just couldn’t keep up the energy they entered the week with. Finishing the week in 4th place with 958 points total.

In 1st place in the Alpha Division of the CIS & Turkey region we have Team Unique who put on a strong show with a total of 28 kills and 1358 points in Week 4. Quantum Bellator Fire take 2nd place overall with 1168 points and behind them we find GLL Season 2 Grand Final Winners M19 with 1106 points.

ZMOKIE44 from WINside wipes out Na’vi

In Game 3 we see GLL Season 1 Grand Final Winners Natus Vincere walk into ZMOKIE44 from WINside’s line of fire, delivering him a squad wipe and a 3rd place finish!

In the lower portion of the Alpha Division we find some unexpected names like Random Friends who finished 16th overall after unfortunate placements and a lack of kills pushes them down the ladder. Joining them in Bravo Division we have TheSwarm, Great Sultans and Avangar who will all have the chance at claiming their spot in back in Alpha Division in Week 5!

At the top of the Bravo Leaderboard we find GachiBa$$ Gaming who have amassed a total of 829 points with 28 kills, giving them their shot in the top CIS & Turkey Division, Alpha for the first time in Season 3. Russian Gangsters, Swift and Huge Potential will also join them in Alpha for Week 5!

On the 17th of October we are back with the fifth week of GLL Season 3 starting at 18:00 MSK for CIS & Turkey followed by Europe at 21:30 MSK, lastly ending with Americas at 02:00 MSK.