GLL Auto Chess Off Season

The GLL Auto Chess Spring Season is coming to an end, and we’re here to tell you more about what we have coming up. A lot of new things have been coming Auto Chess way, and a lot more is still to come. During the Spring Season we saw the game merge its servers into one Global Server and the meta shifting drastically with it.

That’s why now after the Spring Season, we will try a new format for the next two weekends (April 24th-26th, May 1st-3rd) where there is no region locking! We want to aim to include the global Auto Chess community, so that’s why we’re trying this out to see how it can potentially improve the competitive spirit.

During these two weekends, GLL Showdown will start at the same times as before, but now you’ll be able to sign up to any of the brackets of your choice. The tournament names will instead of being called Americas, EMEA and Asia, will now be the Sun, Moon and Star Showdown! We’re hoping to see the regions mix a bit more and to see players face off from any region!

Besides the free regional play, we’re also upping the player limit to 512 on the second weekend (May 1st-3rd), to allow for more players that are trying the new PC Version out! We hope to see some familiar faces coming back to the game, and wish all players good luck in these upcoming tournaments!

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