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Гранд Финал 2 сезона GLL

  GLL является крупнейшей PUBG лигой на Западе. На кону во втором сезоне более 100000$, в отборочных матчах приняли участие более 1500 команд из трех регионов. После 6 недель напряженных отборочных игр, у нас есть 16 команд со всего мира, которые приедут в Стокгольм, чтобы принять участие в Гранд Финале 2 сезона GLL, который пройдет […]

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GLL Season 2 Grand Finals – Full Information

GLL is the largest PUBG League in the Western scene. With over $100,000 on the line in the second season, we have seen over 1500 squads participate in gruelling qualifiers from three regions. After 6 weeks of games, we now have the top 16 teams from around the world arriving in Stockholm, Sweden to play […]

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Grand Finals Full Talent Line-up

We’re extremely excited to share the full English and Russian talent line up for the GLL Season 2 $100,000 LAN Grand Finals in Stockholm, Sweden. English Talent: Dave “Mustache Dave” Meyer Marissa Roberto Martin “Avnqr” Gøth Steven “Toffees” Pierce Patrick “Frosz” Iu Leigh “Deman” Smith Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett Mathias “Larsen” Winther Marius “aimPR” Ionita Russian Talent: […]

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Competitive ruling: 100IQGUBJE

It has come to our attention that the player 100IQGUBJE have been breaking our Wingman Series rules during the European portion of Wingman Series 4 – Sanhok. He will be banned from all GLL hosted events for 2 years for having a steam account with an active PUBG ban while playing in a GLL hosted […]

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GLL Season 2 Grand Finals

We’re extremely happy to announce more details regarding the Season 2 Grand Final coming up that will be held in Stockholm, Sweden August 10-12. The event will take place at Nobelberget, a place most commonly known for concerts & conferences – but this Summer weekend it will be turned in to a Battle Royale Party […]

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Last week of GLL Regular Season 2

The regular Season 2 is coming to an end with the last week coming up, Week 6, after this week we’ll know which teams will advance to the Grand Finals August 10-12. Top 3 CIS teams Top 7 EU teams Top 6 Americas teams More details on the LAN Grand Final, location, format and details […]

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Time for Wingman Series IV Sanhok

Finally Sanhok is released on the live server and with that we can now announce more information regarding Wingman Series IV Sanhok – a Mini Royale for duos! This time the duos from each region will duke out for $10,000 per each regional finals, in total Wingman Sanhok will all be played over the course […]

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Get ready for today’s GLL – featuring all regions in English: CIS, EU & Americas!

We are halfway through the GLL Season and tonight we play the fourth week of the second season of GLL. With the halfway mark we have decided to follow the CIS region with our English broadcast. This means that you can follow the action on the English GLL channel at 17:00 CEST, 18:00 MSK, were […]

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Get ready for the Nordic Clash Monthly Final powered by Twitch!

On the 3rd of June at 17:00 CEST – the top 30 duos from the three qualifying weeks will duke it out against 10 Twitch influencer duos for a lion share of the $5000 prize pool. The 30 duos with the highest total points from the 3 qualifying weeks will be eligible to compete in […]

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Get ready for GLL Regular Season 2 starting tomorrow!

The GLL Season 2 featuring a prize pool of $100,000 is around the corner and starting tomorrow (May 22nd) we’ll have all of the top teams in the world duking it out over 6 weekly play days in a total. Schedule for the first week – May 22 CIS – 18:00 MSK (17:00 CEST) EU – […]

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