Win Big

Prove your skills in the GLL Win Big format!
Play for Wins and kills!

This week’s event is Win Big 4!

All information regarding format & prize pool distribution can be found below.

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  • Erangel Classic

Game Mode / Server Regions

  • Solo: EU
  • Duo: EU
  • Squad: SA

What game modes can I play?
You’ll be able to play in Solo, Duo or Squad matches. You can choose if you want to create a premade party with friends to play duo or queue Solo in Duo, Squad and get teamed up with other players.

How does this event work?
You play as Solo, Duo or Squad team. You will be awarded on each 3rd (Solo), 4th (Duo) or 5th (Squad) Chicken Dinner, depending on the mode you play.

When will I receive my winnings?
Your winnings will be added to your wallet on within a period of 2-4 weeks after the event has concluded.

When does it start and end?
It’s starting on December 11th, at 16:00 CET, And ends on December 18th, at 16:00 CET

When does my result get updated?
The result is updated right after each game has been reported in our system. If the game is not accounted for please use “play-support” on Discord

What would happen if I don’t save my replays?
Your results will be reset, for all games unaccounted for.

What are the prizes?

For the prize distribution, Each queue (solo & duo & squad) will have their own leaderboard!


Condition Regular Premium
5 Wins $10 $25


Premium Only
Condition Prize
15 Top 4 placements $5
50 Kills $5



Condition Regular Premium
4 Wins $10 $25


Premium Only
Condition Prize
10 Top 8 placements $5
50 Kills $5



Condition Regular Premium
3 Wins $10 $25


Premium Only
Condition Prize
10 x Top 16 placements $5
50 Kills $5

The prizes are not limited to winning a certain condition just one time, you can multiply your winnings by stacking up multiple wins and kills