Grand Final Results


To bring both players and spectators the best experience possible, GLL and PGL are partnering up to make the production even better than during the regular season. The best teams in the Americas and Europe, respectively, will be flown to and accommodated in Bucharest to compete for a total of $50,000 USD. All flights & accomodation will be provided and paid by GLL.

The new PGL studios can handle up to 100 players simultaneously, offering the best possible location for large offline events. The players will compete in a disruption-free and soundproof environment. All equipment used in the production is customized to provide the best possible PUBG performance for both players and viewers.


Prize Pool

  • 1. $15,000
  • 2. $10,000
  • 3. $7,000
  • 4. $5,000
  • 5. $3,000
  • 6. $2,000
  • 7. $1,600
  • 8. $1,300
  • 9. $1,100
  • 10. $1,000
  • 11-16. $600 each



During the regular season a total of 36 teams from each region (EU and NA) will duke it out for a span of six weeks divided into two division: Alpha & Bravo where Alpha is the top division and Bravo is the second division.

At the end of the season the top 8 teams from each region will advance to the Grand Finals being played in the brand new PGL Studios in Bucharest.

Some teams will stay in their league, some will have to re-qualify through the Promotions tournament and some will be knocked out and qualify through GLL Open.

  • #1-16 Secures a spot in Division Alpha for GLL Season 2
  • #17-26 Drops down to GLL Promotions
  • #27-36 Gets knocked out of the season and has to qualify through GLL Open.



During the regular season teams will move up and down. This is both to ensure the quality of the top division, as well as expand for up and coming teams.

Movement between the divisions will take place on a weekly basis and will be based on that week’s specific results.

  • Bottom 8 in division Alpha drops down to Bravo
  • Top 8 in division Bravo advance up to Alpha


Dates & Times

Most of the EU Alpha and Bravo leagues will be played 20.00 CET

  • February : 14th, 21st
  • March : 6th, 7th, 14th

The last EU Alpha & Bravo match day will be played 20:00 CEST

  • March: 28th

The NA Alpha and Bravo leagues will be played

  • February : 14th – 7pm EST
  • March : 6th – 7pm EST
  • March : 14th – 8pm EDT
  • March : 17th – Americas Super Saturday – 2pm EDT
  • March : 28th – 7pm EDT



All matches in both Alpha and Bravo will be broadcasted live on Twitch:

Alpha – the premier division, will be broadcasted live with full studio production from Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, a dedicated stream for the map will be broadcasted on our third channel:



Points will be gathered from both divisions. The top 8 teams from each region in points after the regular season will advance to the Grand Finals.

 Alpha Division

#1. 200p

#2. 160p

#3. 130p

#4. 110p

#5. 100p

#6. 90p

#7. 80p

#8. 70p

#9. 60p

#10. 50p

#11. 40p

#12. 30p

#13. 20p

#14. 10p

#15-18. 0p

Each kill will give 8 points


#1. 100p

#2. 80p

#3. 65p

#4. 55p

#5. 50p

#6. 45p

#7. 40p

#8. 35p

#9. 30p

#10. 25p

#11. 20p

#12. 15p

#13. 10p

#14.  5p

#15-18.  0p

Each kill will give 4 points


There will be a total of 30 matches during the regular season and it will be 15 of Erangel and 15 of Miramar.

First week we start with 3 Erangel and 2 Miramar, next week 2 Erangel and 3 Miramar and so on.

Erangel settings

1,5x AR
1.0x attachments
1.0x ammo
1.0x scopes
1.0x meds
No Redzones
No Cosmetics
No Flaregun
Only Sunny/Sunset

Miramar settings

2x AR
1.5x attachments
1.5x ammo
1.5x scopes
1.5x meds
No Redzones
No Cosmetics
No Flaregun
Only Sunny/Sunset