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The first nation-based 32 vs 32 PUBG tournament


GLL is proud to announce the first ever Nations Royale and gladly provide details for how this will be done. In total over 30 countries across Europe, Americas & OCE will duke it out in each region to decide: Which is the PUBG country in the world?

Each week starting in late February countries will duke it out in a single-elimination format until we have a Semi-Final, followed by a Grand Final, all broadcasted by the GLL team you all love.

The culmination of the Nations Royale will be a big Grand Finals where the Generals of the final will be flown to Sweden to face the other Generals in the Grand Finals and from there guide the troops to success.

We will divide the countries into 3 different regions – EMEA, Americas and OCE and there will be a different amount of countries representing.

Europe, MENA & CIS

A total of 28 countries will be able to participate in this region where 13 countries will directly be invited to the single-elimination playoffs, bracket divided in different regions of the European hemisphere.


For countries in Europe that are not part of this list,  it is possible to join a neighbouring country. Ex: Icelandic Vikings are allowed to join their fellow Norwegian cousins in the battle for domination.


The American Nations Royale will be a battle for who dominates the American hemisphere.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Argentina


In Oceania there will be a battle between the two big countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia

How  To Participate in Nations Royale

Each country will feature 32 of the most hardcore patriots of their home country to represent them in the upcoming royale warmode.  The generals will pick about half of the team themselves, and the remaining portion will qualify through the preliminaries or be picked by us at GLL!

Here is a brief summary, with more details outlined in the sections below:

  • 15 Players will be picked by the General
  • 8 Players will qualify through the open preliminaries stage 1
  • 6 Players will qualify through the open preliminaries stage 2
  • The remaining players (including substitutes) will be picked by us at GLL.

Open Preliminaries Stage 1 

The open preliminaries will be played as a limited time event on play.gll.gg/play and called “Nations Royale Preliminaries”. Players can access this through the “Play” button on play.gll.gg starting February 6th at 16:00.

Players will be able to compete 24/7 in solo queue and the participating counties will have their own country-specific solo leaderboard with players divided into different leaderboards depending on which country they have specified they are from on play.gll.gg. 

The top 8 players in each of the country-specific leaderboards will qualify to represent their nation in the main part of the tournament. 

The first part of the preliminaries will last for 1 week, ending on February 13th. Here is a full list of all the countries that will have a leaderboard in the open preliminaries: gll.gg/nations-royale-country-leaderboards

Open Preliminaries Stage 2

For Week 2 We are upping the stakes, and shift focus from Solos to Duos & Squads

  • The top 4 players in Squads and the top 2 players in Duo’s from each nation will win $50 each and qualify to represent their nation in the main part of the tournament.*
  • The generals are looking for winners to join their ranks, so the leaderboard in this stage of the preliminaries will be based on the number of wins for this stage of the preliminaries.
  • We will host matches on servers from different regions during different times.
    • EU Servers: 10:00 – 22:00 CET
    • NA/SA Servers: 22:00 – 10:00 CET* (Depending on which region in NA/SA that is a majority)

Stage 2 of the open Preliminaries will start on Wednesday February 13th 16:00.

* Player / Players needs to have achieved at least 1 win in either game mode to be eligible.

Remaining Player Spots

If there are any remaining spots that needs to be filled, players  will be picked by us at GLL. These will not be based on placement  specifically but other “interesting” parameters yet to be revealed.

Each country will have a general that will decide the players based on GLL stats as well as some invites. The generals will be hand picked by GLL and will represent local profiles within the PUBG community.

All Generals will stream their matches in their respective local language.

General of Australia
General of Russia
General of Czechia
General of Turkey
General of Finland
General of New Zealand
General of the Adriatic Nations
General of Italy
General of Belarus
General of Argentina
General of Germany
General of Poland
General of Austria & Switzerland