The nation-based 32 vs 32 PUBG tournament is back!

GLL Nations Royale: PUBG is back! The concept is simple, 36 countries across EMEA and the Americas will fight to prove their worth – and to show which country is the best in PUBG!

Starting this December, countries will face each other in a double-elimination tournament within each region using the PUBG Platoon Mode (32v32), all of which will be broadcasted by GLL!

The culmination of the Nations Royale will be a big finals event, broadcasted live in our studio in Sweden, where the finalist Generals will face the other Generals and guide their online troops to success.

Note: The EMEA Generals of the semi-finalist countries will travel to Sweden to play in a live studio while the rest will be played and broadcasted online.

How does it work?

We will divide the countries into 2 different regions – EMEA/CIS & the Americas and there will be a different amount of countries representing each region.


32 EMEA & CIS countries will play in a double-elimination format tournament bracket, which leads up to a Semi-Final and Grand Final.

For the European countries not on the list, it is allowed to join a neighboring country. Ex: Icelandic Vikings are allowed to join their fellow Norwegian cousins in the battle for domination.


Ukraine Turkey Russia Norway
Sweden Finland Denmark Poland
Germany The Netherlands United Kingdom Czechia
Romania Greece Italy Switzerland
France Spain Portugal Estonia
Latvia Lithuania Serbia Croatia
Bulgaria Slovakia Austria Hungary
Belgium Kosovo & Albania Kazakhstan Belarus



Americas will have the North American and Latin American countries face each other separately, and the remaining two from both regions will face each other in a Grand Final.


  • USA
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Chile

How To Participate in Nations Royale:

Each country will feature 32 of the most hardcore patriots of their home country to represent them in the upcoming royale war mode.  The generals will pick 24 players for the team themselves, and the remaining portion will qualify through the preliminaries or be picked by us at GLL! Here is a brief summary, with more details outlined in the sections below:

  • 24 Players will be picked by the General
  • 8 Players will qualify through the open qualifiers (2 squad)


Squads will face each other in a single elimination format for each country. Top 2 squads from each country will be qualified to play for their respective country in the GLL Nations Royale Play Offs.

More detailed schedule and format for each country qualifier will be released soon.

LATAM – Country representation

Want your country to join the LATAM region line-up and represent your country in our upcoming Nations Royale tournament? Sign-up for country representation check of your own country on to show us that you’re ready to represent your nation! If enough players sign-up your country, there is a possibility that your county will be added to the lineup! Please note that the “country representation” sign-up on won’t be played out as a PUBG tournament and will not act as a qualifier or guarantee a spot for your country in the upcoming Nations Royale.


Qualifiers: 22-24th of November

Play off Schedule

Europe & CIS

Day 1: 29th of November
Round 1:
Kazakhstan vs Belarus: 17:00 CET (BO5)
Ukraine VS Romania: 18:00 CET (BO5)
Russia VS Bulgaria: 18:00 CET (BO5)
All Other Upper Bracket: 19:00 CET (BO5)

Day 2: 2nd of December
Upper & Lower Bracket Round 2: 19:00 CET

Day 3 : 3rd of December
Upper Bracket Round 3: 19:00 CET
Lower Bracket Round 4: 19:00 CET



29th of November (Bo5)
Upper Bracket Round 1: 00:00 CET (20:00 BRT)

2nd of December (Bo5)
Upper Bracket Round 2: 00:00 CET (20:00 BRT)
Lower Bracket Round 1: 00:00 CET (20:00 BRT)

3rd of December (Bo5)
Lower Bracket Round 2: 23.00 CET (19:00 BRT)


2nd of December (Bo5)
USA vs Canada: 01:00 CET (7pm EST)


Saturday – 21st of Dec
16:00 CET – Europe Lower Bracket Finals (BO7) – Finland vs Czechia
19:30 CET (est.) – Europe Upper Bracket Finals (BO7) – Russia vs Germany
00:00 CET / 20:00 BRT (est.) – Americas Finals (BO7) – Brazil vs USA

Sunday – 22nd of Dec
14:00 CET – Europe Consolidation Finals (BO7)
17:30 CET (est.) – Europe Grand Finals (BO7)

Prize Pool


Each country qualifier will have a $400 prize pool which will be distributed to 8 players (top 2 squads)

Play off Stage

Each group of regions will have their own prize pool. The distribution of the prize pools can be found below:


Total Prize Pool: $30,000
1st Place: $14,000
2nd Place: $8,000
3rd Place: $5,000
4th Place: $3,000


Total Prize Pool: $15,000
1st Place: $10,000
2nd Place: $5,000